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BLOG Classic - Due For Shutdown September 2019
Wednesday, 6 March 2019
1240 - FADE TO BLACK... In September

This is to let anyone still visiting this long abandoned web blog that come September, this blog will be no more.

This blog was officially retired in 2013, but hasn't been regularly updated in a couple years prior.  In the years since then, it has existed primarily as an archive of a time long gone. It was a fun little thing that allowed me to vent on a number of things.

I wrote the final chapter on this blog four six years ago. In six months time, I close the book and store it away, never to be seen again.

It's been a fun ride and to the folks who took the time to check this piece of business out, I thank you tremendously.

But it's time to move on. 

Posted by dtm666 at 7:18 PM EST
Tuesday, 1 January 2013
1239 - The End

Today is the beginning of a new year. The beginning of a fresh new slate. The beginning of another cycle.

But today is also an ending. An ending that I had put off doing for quite some time, but it needs to be done.

Today, I write the final page of the original DTM Blog. 

As of just an hour or so ago, my current blog, The Twisted Realm of DTM, had just surpassed 1200 blog posts. Eventually, it won't be long before that number surpasses the number of posts made here. And while I would very much like to stretch this up to a nice round number like 1250, the simple truth is that it's time to formally, officially, finally close the book on the original DTM Blog.

The DTM Blog represents something of a transitional phase in my web presence, for lack of a better term. It was originally supposed to be a companion piece to my old website, the DTM Webstation. But somewhere along the way, the Blog ended up getting more of my attention than the Webstation. Maybe it was the ease of use. Maybe it was the lack of hassle in updating templates and uploading pages upon pages worth of content and hope all the links worked properly. All I know is that somewhere along the way, the Webstation evetually went the way of the doo-doo and my focus was on this blog.

Of course, it eventually got to a point where the Tripod blogging software wasn't going to suffice given the slightly more ambitious plans I was going for. I was about to post videos around 2009 and the cumbersome editor wasn't going to cut it. Someone had suggested the Blogger site and I made an account there. The end result is two blogs; The Twisted Realm of DTM and the DTM Review Archive.

With those blogs, I could do a lot more than I could on the Tripod space... and it was also much easier and bearable to embed videos there than here. For a while, I managed both Twisted Blog (as it was known at the time) and this blog, but the Twisted Blog eventually took precedence and in April 2010, I formally retired the DTM Blog, relegated it to an archive of older works. 

How fitting is it that we formally end DTM Blog at the start of a new year. And while the retirement of DTM Blog is unfortunate, it also means paving the way for a brand new slate. The Twisted Realm of DTM is going to change in a major way down the line, the video content is going to be restructured, and perhaps most ambitiously, this old Tripod space might get new blood injected into it. It's all in the idea phase, but at the same time, I can't help but feel excited by the whole deal.

As it is, DTM Blog will remain up for as long as it stays up. I have no intention of pulling the blog down. I have no intention of shutting the space down. If you want to check back on older postings, then knock yourselves out. But as far as NEW content goes... that's out of the question.

To everyone who has ever taken the time to check out some of my written ramblings and whatnots, I thank you for your time and your indulgence. I sincerely hope that you've gotten a little something out of these ramblings because I've certainly got something far more substantial than anything imaginable. It's been a thrill and a hell of a ride, but now we've come to our last stop.

The book is closed. Thanks for stopping by.


Posted by dtm666 at 2:59 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 6 March 2019 7:18 PM EST
Tuesday, 27 March 2012
1238 - Is This Blog Retired Or Just Tired?
Topic: Web Presence News

Surprise, surprise. Roughly two years after I retired this blog, I'm still posting. Probably because I would very much like to close this thing out on 1250. Possibly.

You'll probably notice on the front page something about a restoration due on a date that has long passed. While I would blame it on procrastination that the due date was missed, the truth was that I never knew about the due date; a friend of mine had temporary access to the blog space and uploaded the page without my knowing. He meant no harm, but I did have to take back some control.

So despite the bold proclamation, there is no planned "restoration" or whatever the case has been. I still haven't even touched the 100megsfree5 space that used to be the Webstation. If something does come to mind on a archival restoration, you'll find out here... or on the other blog.

Will post a couple more times here before we "officially" close the book on the original DTM Blog.


Posted by dtm666 at 12:31 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 6 March 2019 7:18 PM EST
Monday, 29 August 2011
1237 - Surprise update... shocking, isn't it?
Mood:  surprised
Topic: Web Presence News

Your eyes do not deceive you. This is an actual update after several months of not updating and after several more months of retiring this blog.


Before anyone asks, yes, this blog is still very much retired. No, I will not be returning to regular updating of this blog. And no, it's not going anywhere until Tripod deems it necessary to shut this place down and make room for whatever funny ideas they have going on. And no doubt once that happens... gone for good, I suppose. Tripod never had any decent archiving options here as far as blogging goes, which is a bit of a shame.


So I guess I should probably bring some people up to date since the last time I made an update here;

  1. My current blog, The Twisted Realm Of DTM, can be found here. Originally, that was going to be the name of my personal site, but somewhere along the way, I decided that maintaining a website, even on a free space littered with countless ads, is too much work with little return. So I've opted to settle exclusively on making the blog my focal point. I've been uploading quite a few old stuff there and it makes for much more convenient navigating of specific items, such as YouTube videos and the like. And for a blog that has only been around for a couple years, it's already amassed over five-hundred entries. Pretty impressive numbers. In any case, this is where I'm doing all my updates.
  2. Subsequently, I also have a second blog called DTM Review Archive (click here), which is essentially a working-in-progress archive of all the reviews I have done thus far, whether they'd be game reviews, movie reviews, or whatnot. It's worth checking out if you have the chance, although I still post stuff on the regular blog.
  3. I've slowly begun posting a number of YouTube videos since 2009 (channel is crisisded). Generally no real theme or anything, it comprises game reviews, video commentaries, vlogs, and other random crap that I can put up there. One of the major reasons I switched from Tripod to Blogger is because of the relative ease Blogger offered in embedding videos or inputting any kind of HTML code; Tripod's a little more archaic in nature and was a pain in the ass to embed anything of the sort into the code.
  4. Alternatively, I've also opened up a Dailymotion account (can be found here) in case the YouTube account goes belly-up. Not much content there at the moment, but it's something.
And that's all the "up-to-speed" stuff that I can think of... as far as this web space goes... the blog is still going to be here. I'm also considering moving the old Bite archives to this site (I've kept the pages and no doubt will keep the formatting as is.) There's other stuff planned, but mostly background stuff.

Truth be told, I would like to sneak a post or two here from time to time... but we'll see in the long run.

So again, thanks for the memories. Maybe I'll come again soon... maybe.

Posted by dtm666 at 1:05 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 6 March 2019 7:17 PM EST
Sunday, 9 January 2011
1236 - Epilogue
Topic: Blog Servicing

Back in April 2010, I made a post announcing that I would be retiring the original DTM Blog in favor of the Twisted Blog of DTM, which started up several months prior. While there have been a couple posts made since then with broken promises of adding a proper epilogue, I've since deleted them since nothing came of the plans I had for closing out something that has been part of my life for five long years.

So rather than end with a bang, this blog goes out with a whimper...

Not that it means anything, but it's really sad that something that's kept me relatively sane for a good chunk of my life isn't going to get a proper closure. On the other hand, though, it's not going away anytime soon and I can at least look back at some of my earlier thoughts from the time. It might be worth looking into one of these days.

For the few people who somehow followed this blog, thanks for sticking around. And for those just reading this, hopefully you'll be able to keep an open mind on the various ramblings of a man who has been on both ends of the emotional depression meter. And I hope you follow along to the Twisted Blog, where things aren't any better.

It's been a great ride. Thanks for coming along and come visit Twisted Blog of DTM

Posted by dtm666 at 2:34 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 6 March 2019 7:16 PM EST
Sunday, 21 March 2010
Topic: PPV Predictions

It's been a good while since I last did predictions for a PPV (the last being Bragging Rights 2009) and a good LONG while since I last did a TNA Pay-Per-View (TNA's Turning Point 2007). Since I have been following some TNA Impact (now that I have access to Spike TV), I'd figured I go ahead and shoot out some random picks for the upcoming PPV... even if I don't intend on watching it. These are all mostly wild guesses and it should be fun to see how many picks I get wrong.

All listed matches are from Wikipedia since TNA's official site for the PPV doesn't include listed matches. Fortunately, none of these matches include the Nasty Boys.

TNA Knockout's Championship
Tara (c) vs. Daffney

Victoria got snubbed in WWE's list. So I guess I'll go with "Tara" retaining her title.

Pick: Tara

Ladder Match for the No. 1 Contendership to the TNA X-Division Championship
Kazarian vs. Daniels vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Amazing Red
Four-way ladder match for a title shot? I'm sold! This is a hard one to guess, but if I'm going to shoot off a wall or something, I'll probably pick Brian Kendrick for the simple reason that he's been in WWE. And apparently TNA management has a hard-on for former WWE guys at the moment... which is all the more amazing that AJ Styles is still the World champion.

Pick: Brian Kendrick

Kevin Nash/Eric Young vs. Scott "Alka" Hall/Sean "Syxx-Pac Sucks" Waltman
There are wonderful stipulations behind this match. If Nash/Young win, then Hall/Waltman leave TNA for good... which is, of course, a lie since nobody is done for good; just ask Ric Flair. If Hall/Waltman wins, they get TNA contracts. Given that the banishment deal will never stick, I'd say Hall/Waltman wins this one... a sad proposition to be sure.

Pick: Hall/Waltman

TNA World Tag-Team Championship Match
Matt Morgan and Hernandez (c) vs. Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode and James Storm)
Beer Money takes the titles... I've really very little to say on this match.

Pick: Beer Money

Kurt Angle vs. Ken Anderson
Oh goody. It's a match between two former WWE guys. This really screams TNA in my mind. Although to be fair, I don't actually recall these guys ever duking it out, so this could be a nice one. Too bad the feud and build-up was pretty much botched, with Kurt Angle getting several "victories" over Anderson. With that said, Anderson wins this one.

Pick: Ken Anderson

TNA X-Division Championship Match
Doug Williams (champion) vs. Shannon Moore
The champ retains.

Pick: Doug Williams

Ultimate X Match for the No. 1 Contendership to the TNA World Tag-Team Championship
Generation Me vs. Motor-City Machine Guns
I'm flipping a coin here... so Generation Me.

Pick: Generation Me

NWA World Heavyweight Title
AJ Styles (champion) vs. Abyss
Even with the power of the universe and Hulk Hogan at his disposal, Abyss isn't going to win this one.

Pick: AJ Styles


Posted by dtm666 at 4:56 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 6 March 2019 7:15 PM EST
Tuesday, 16 February 2010
1234 - Some catching up to do...
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Random Stuff

Search for work still continues, but here's some stuff I added on the other blog in the past week in case anyone hasn't gone there yet:

The Bite commentary for this month has been posted in its entirety. It's not a necessarily long piece and it doesn't really cover much that hasn't been said before, but interested parties should give it a quick read.

Also submitted a video review of the NES game Track and Field to Asalieri's Reviewer contest. Not exactly the best piece out there, but hopefully I'll gain some headers to implement in possible future video reviews... this isn't exactly the type of thing I was going for months ago when I first entertained the idea, but I'd figure I get some straight reviews out before I get to the Reflections series down the line.

And... that's about it. I'll probably update here later, but all the major stuff I had planned is presently on hold until I get my affairs in order. Quick stuff, though... might see it sooner or later.

Thanks for understanding and don't forget that I'll be updating the Twisted Blog on a semi-semi-regular basis in the meantime, so check that out for now. 

Take care. 

Posted by dtm666 at 10:04 AM EST
Monday, 8 February 2010
1233 - No longer gainfully employed
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Random Stuff

As of today, I am out of work. Hence, no new updates for the foreseeable future.

I may add one or two bits here and there, but that's about it. 

Posted by dtm666 at 7:42 PM EST
Wednesday, 27 January 2010
1232 - What The F--?!!!
Topic: Blog Servicing

You may have noticed that I've been posting links here and there rather than the usual Clickie. I'm not going to lie. The blogging software seems to have some kind of glitch where the linking window won't pop up or will pop up empty. While I could just post the link and mess around with the HTML code, I don't really feel like doing that. If the function is there, I should be able to use it without hassle.

It bears mentioning that it could something from my end, but I've tried the same thing on some other computer (located elsewhere) and I get the same fucking problem. 

I really don't want to start bashing Tripod because of this, but this has been happening for at least a couple months. It is getting frustrating when I have to go to FRONTPAGE or the like to write my formatted post and then paste it to the blogging software hoping everything works without a hitch.

Some commented if this blog's going away as a result. That's not going to happen. As much as I complain, I've stuck through worse periods and a little inconvenience isn't going to hinder my efforts or cause me to go away.

However, it is going to slow down posting on this blog... along with the rest of the shit that's going on in my life at the moment.

I'll be going now. 

Posted by dtm666 at 7:09 AM EST
1231 - Bite Commentary for last week... oops
Topic: Web Presence News

Just for the sake of clarity, the newest Bite commentary can be found here:

This commentary was written on January 21st and posted the next day, so most of this stuff is probably outdated by the time I'm posting the link here. Suffice it to say, I'll be posting Bite commentaries on that other Blog for the immediate moment.

So what happens to the main site? It's still coming and right now, I'm currently aiming for sometime in mid to late February. All things being considered though, it's not really a priority at the moment. Most of the stuff that's going to be archived there can be found on either my FF.Net, GameFAQs, or IMDB pages. And some of the older stuff might even see reposts on the blogs.

There WILL be a site for sure. I just can't say when. 

Posted by dtm666 at 7:01 AM EST
Tuesday, 26 January 2010
1230 - Ladies And Gentlemen... the Titanic has sunk
Topic: Random Stuff

The blue-skinned people are the proverbial iceberg...

The Titanic is sinking into the abyss...

Avatar rakes the cash... 

The record is shattered...

And the movie's good too... 

Posted by dtm666 at 9:33 AM EST
Wednesday, 20 January 2010
1229 - TNA teaches their audience how to act
Topic: McWrestling

Click the link above to see the video before it gets taken down and TNA bitches about people knowing how they treat their (non-paying) audience. As much as I'd want to say that this is a stupid idea, I'd have to agree with TNA for the most part; you're not paying to see the show, so what right does that give you to go about your own business? Now if you WERE a paying customer and they tried to do that sort of thing, then it'd be stupid.

Seriously, this is a step away from bringing back the Disney/MGM Studio tapes, complete with cuecards. 

Posted by dtm666 at 6:46 AM EST
Wednesday, 13 January 2010
1228 - The Return (?) of Power Rangers Retrospectives
Topic: PR Retrospectives

What a plan I had there, right? Wait until the re-airing of brand-old Power Rangers to start posting new retrospectives on these old episodes. A genius plan if I had any semblance of foresight.

But yeah, as you longtimers can probably tell, I'm attempting to bring this feature back. For those unfamiliar with the concept, I basically take a random episode of old Power Rangers and summarize it, pointing out interesting observations and my own thoughts. It makes for interesting reading whether I'm right or wrong on certain matters.

I started this back in 2007 and two years later, not much came of it. I'd like to get this started again and at least for the younger kids, they'll be able to know what to expect... although I'm sure most of them already know that Tommy is the Green Ranger before the fucking show airs.

I'm aiming for March as a start-up date - to be posted on a bi-weekly basis. I'll be starting old-school and work my way up, but it'll still be random selections.

You can find old Retrospectives in the Ranger Restroom topic of the DTM Blog. I intend this to be a regular feature, so count on those being converted to proper Retrospective topics in the near-near future.


Posted by dtm666 at 7:14 AM EST
Tuesday, 12 January 2010
1227 - See?
Topic: Blog Servicing

Yesterday saw three movie reviews posted. Today saw a couple blog posts made and perhaps a couple more reviews of any kind coming soon. And sometime this week, I'll probably be posting a Fanfiction RePost session along with a couple other things.

So yeah, I haven't dumped this blog yet. If anything, I'm building material here to post on the OTHER new blog. While the Twisted Blog is something I want to build into something major, this is still my baby. Even moreso than the Webstation/Twisted Realms site these days.


Posted by dtm666 at 7:04 AM EST
1226 - Old Stone Steve Austin To Host RAW in March
Topic: McWrestling

Word has leaked that former WWF champion and WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin is set to host RAW a couple weeks before Wrestlemania 26. One has wonder how tame Austin is going to be considering that WWE is now "family-friendly" entertainment. No doubt his promos will consist mainly of WHAT? every five seconds.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson's Tooth Fairy movie is coming soon.

Posted by dtm666 at 6:58 AM EST
1225 - Tyson
Topic: RAW Bytes

So last night's show featured Mike Tyson as a guest host, which made this the second RAW show that I stayed up until the end to watch. Of course, next week's hosts prove that this is going to be the last one until Shatner comes along a couple weeks later.

Some quick thoughts:

- Tyson opens things up, where Sheamus comes out and tells Tyson to call the match off. This is quickly followed by Randy Orton, and John Cena, and Coffee Kingston retorting that they deserve com. Somewhere along the way, John Cena references the various characters of Mike Tyson's Punch Out, which actually made me smile a bit... although these days Tyson looks less like Tyson and more like Mr. Sandman... oh well.

- They have a match in the Divas tournament that I don't really care about. Seriously, TNA's show was shit, for the most part, but at least they have a couple women who can actually perform good matches when they get the chance.

- Hey, by the way, nice crack by Cody Rhodes on The Marine: "My fifth-grade graduation video is superior to the Marine!" I haven't seen the video and yet I'm tempted to agree.

- HBK and Tyson talk and somehow this gets turned into a tag-team match between DX and Jericho/Tyson. Jesus, didn't they do a fucking match LAST WEEK where if Jericho lost, he's gone from RAW FOREVER? What's the fucking point of having a stipulation match if he's NEVER going to go the fuck away?

- [Who The Fuck Is] Jack Swagger challenges anyone to toss him over the top rope. Challenge accepted and won by Santino Marella of all people. Good show, Santino. Definitely moving up in the world...

- Randy Orton wins the Triple Threat match over Cena and Coffee, thus earning a shot against Sheamus for the title at the Royal Rumble... lame.

- DX beats Jericho after Tyson reveals a DX shirt and knocks out Jericho. This was almost predictable the minute the match was announced, but it came off good so no real complaints.

So overall, this show was okay-ish. Not much more than that. 

Posted by dtm666 at 6:43 AM EST
Monday, 11 January 2010
1224 - RePost Review - The Condemned
Topic: Black Hole Reviews

Note: This review was written a year or so ago and might/might not have been posted on the old Webstation. Since I've posted a new review of 12 Rounds, I'd figured that I repost this out of mothballs. There's a reason this isn't on IMDB, kids. Discretion is advised.

The Condemned is the third WWE Films release and the trailers made it seem like it was going to be different from the previous two WWE films in that there was a chance of it being a good ol' no-frills action movie starring Steve Austin. While Austin has done some acting before, this was his first chance to show his range and presence on the big-screen in a starring role.

The good news is that Austin has a on-screen presence - that much is known when you see his guest-stints on the Nash Bridges television show as well as the recent remake of The Longest Yard. And for the role of Jack Conrad, Austin plays the role of a no-caring bastard rather well. It's based off something familiar (his wrestling personality) and it works. The bad news is that the film then tries to add another layer of Austin; the fact that he's a former FBI agent left in prison when a previous mission went bust. Whatever happened to Jack Conrad, the man without a past? Flushed down the toilet, along with any remaining appeal left in this piece of shit.

I mean, the premise is simple enough. Ten murderers are dumped on an island and are forced to kill each other until one remains. Sound simple enough... it almost makes seem like Battle Royale, a Japanese flick with the same basic concept that was pretty successful. However, what should have been a straight-forward, take-no-prisoners actionfest ends up being a convoluted message of moral ambiguities and the whole thing becomes a depressing venture. Are we the condemned for watching this... or are we the condemned for getting more moral messages shoved down our throats? It's getting ridiculous.

Of the three movies WWE has released thus far, this one had the potential to be something different. Not so much good, but at least something that can be enjoyed without the use of your prefrontal cortex. But instead, it's just a thinly-disguised commentary on reality-TV and the media moguls who produce them. Hey, we already have a movie like that; it's called Series 7: The Contender and it does a better job than this shit does.

Steve Austin deserves better than this. And so do we. 

Posted by dtm666 at 10:07 PM EST
1223 - 12 Rounds review added to IMDB account
Topic: Black Hole Reviews

It's okay. Read more here: 

Posted by dtm666 at 9:47 PM EST
1222 - Review: Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen
Topic: Black Hole Reviews

I hadn't seen Revenge of the Fallen in theatres. I waited until it was on DVD.


And before watching the DVD, I watched the first Transformers flick for catch up. While the movie was lacking in depth and wasn't really good, it did managed to keep me awake and it was a fun movie if nothing else. So despite all the bad reviews and word-of-mouth (which did nothing to prevent this movie from making a shitload of cash), I went into Fallen with the optimism that it'll be somewhat shallow fun if nothing else.


Two and a half hours later, I suffered irreparable brain damage that may last a lifetime.


This movie is an abomination; there is no cohesive story to follow, no interesting characters to care about, no fun moments to be had, and ultimately nothing of substance that could contribute to the enjoyment of this thing they call a motion picture. This is visual pollution in its most literal form, bombarding you with a powerful exposure in a long winding dose.


Cohesiveness and plotting are not the movie's strong points. There wasn't any one time through the movie where I wasn't scratching my head in confusion, wondering what the fuck was going on. Yeah, I know that a popcorn flick isn't supposed to be heavy on story, but then again, popcorn flicks are generally entertaining. 


This movie lacked decent action sequences; they're all really hard to follow and actually caused a bit of eye strain. It's just a very unappealing movie to look at.


The acting in this movie isn't the worst I've seen, but it certainly helps in not making me give a damn about any of these characters. They're all seemingly impervious rag dolls that can walk and talk, yet can't do either of them right. It's almost a sign of epic failure when the most robotic thing in a movie about robots are the "human" characters.


Just about the only thing I could say good things about is the soundtrack; it's actually not that bad. It's a shame that I can't hear enough of it amid all the loud, ugly explosions and piss-poor dialogue.


Bottom line, this movie sucks ass. It is perhaps one of the more putrid attempts at a motion picture that I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of really shitty movies. If you're one of the few people who hasn't seen Revenge of the Fallen, do yourself a favor and don't watch it. You're not missing a damn thing and quite frankly, you're much better off.

Posted by dtm666 at 1:40 PM EST
Tuesday, 5 January 2010
1221 - TNA Fails - Vince Screws Bret's Balls
Topic: McWrestling

The rating for the live 3-hour TNA Impact featuring Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and a bunch of other old guys is in. According to, reports have come in that TNA pulled off...

Wait for it...



A couple notches over their usual ratings range, but NOWHERE near the 3.0 that Hogan was arrogantly predicting. Goes to show that in this day and age, people still want to see a wrestling show for...

Wait for it...



I only sampled a bit of Impact; the skit where Hogan is talking with Hall, X-Pac/Syxx/Kid/Whatever The Fuck He Calls Himself, and Nash. Even Bischoff shows up for the fun (although he apparently forgot to dye his hair). If this is the new direction that TNA is headed... then I'm glad I don't watch TNA.


So with ten minutes of my life never to return watching the brain drain that is a bunch of old farts talking, I proceed over to Monday Night RAW, which opens up with another segment featuring two old farts talking... followed by a couple matches here and there... and capped off with two old farts talking... and one of them kicked the other in the balls.

Somebody hates me... that's the only possible explanation for Seniors' Night in Sports-Entertainment.


Posted by dtm666 at 6:57 PM EST

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