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BLOG Classic - Due For Shutdown September 2019
Wednesday, 27 January 2010
1232 - What The F--?!!!
Topic: Blog Servicing

You may have noticed that I've been posting links here and there rather than the usual Clickie. I'm not going to lie. The blogging software seems to have some kind of glitch where the linking window won't pop up or will pop up empty. While I could just post the link and mess around with the HTML code, I don't really feel like doing that. If the function is there, I should be able to use it without hassle.

It bears mentioning that it could something from my end, but I've tried the same thing on some other computer (located elsewhere) and I get the same fucking problem. 

I really don't want to start bashing Tripod because of this, but this has been happening for at least a couple months. It is getting frustrating when I have to go to FRONTPAGE or the like to write my formatted post and then paste it to the blogging software hoping everything works without a hitch.

Some commented if this blog's going away as a result. That's not going to happen. As much as I complain, I've stuck through worse periods and a little inconvenience isn't going to hinder my efforts or cause me to go away.

However, it is going to slow down posting on this blog... along with the rest of the shit that's going on in my life at the moment.

I'll be going now. 

Posted by dtm666 at 7:09 AM EST

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