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DTM Blog - Archive
Wednesday, 17 March 2010
1236 - Some Notes on RAW
Topic: RAW Bytes
Reposted from Twisted Blog of DTM: 
Well... after reading the results for Monday's Impact (which had a main-event between AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy, along with Bischoff getting a hair cut or something), I decided to take a chance and watch RAW, which was to feature three Wrestlemania rewind matches and some contract signing between two old guys. Some quick notes and thoughts on the show:

- Speaking of old guys, here comes Stone Cold to cut another insightful promo. Strange to see the word ass bleeped out here... also strange that Stone Cold didn't really do anything... except talk. Still, it was good to see Austin in good form... as good as he could at this point.

- Big Show defeats John Cena with a punch. Has things gotten so bad that the guy who used to kill people with a chokeslam has to resort to a finisher as lame as a punch? Granted, I'm sure he could punch real good. But punching real good doesn't sell sports-entertainment PPVs. Other than that... well, it's a Cena match. You Cena One Match, You Cena Nuff.

- Maryse beats Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly and more interchangeable Divas show up to have a catfight or something... I don't know. I was barely paying attention. The only reason I stuck around is because Maryse is quebecois or something.

- Hey, did you know that former WWE Women's Champ Victoria and current TNA Knockout Tara Lisa Marie commented on her apparent snub on her former employer's list of 25 most impactful women? I got a quick look at the list and... wow, some names just don't belong. That's for another blog post.

- Chris Jericho deliberately loses the match against Shawn Michaels by counting himself out... only to get ambushed by Edge. A semi-interesting match, but really meh. The truly sad thing is that I was more intrigued by a three-way match between a bunch of guys I barely recognized than I was a match between two guys who, despite being capable of putting on great matches, have already wrestled each other more times than I can count.

- The match between HHH and RKO ended in a no-contest when Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Runnels interfered. Oh yeah, the irish guy showed up too.

- The contract is signed between Vince and Bret (a no-holds-barred match, no doubt not featuring the return of Zeus) and Bret reveals that his leg is just fine - the whole injury having been a staged attempt to put Vince in a false sense of superiority. I guess if you saw that whole deal and though it was real, then you're an idiot. I guess Vince isn't a genius because he never saw that coming.

Overall... this is your usual RAW show. A great big glass of MEH.

Posted by dtm666 at 9:45 AM EDT

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