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BLOG Classic - Due For Shutdown September 2019
Sunday, 21 March 2010
Topic: PPV Predictions

It's been a good while since I last did predictions for a PPV (the last being Bragging Rights 2009) and a good LONG while since I last did a TNA Pay-Per-View (TNA's Turning Point 2007). Since I have been following some TNA Impact (now that I have access to Spike TV), I'd figured I go ahead and shoot out some random picks for the upcoming PPV... even if I don't intend on watching it. These are all mostly wild guesses and it should be fun to see how many picks I get wrong.

All listed matches are from Wikipedia since TNA's official site for the PPV doesn't include listed matches. Fortunately, none of these matches include the Nasty Boys.

TNA Knockout's Championship
Tara (c) vs. Daffney

Victoria got snubbed in WWE's list. So I guess I'll go with "Tara" retaining her title.

Pick: Tara

Ladder Match for the No. 1 Contendership to the TNA X-Division Championship
Kazarian vs. Daniels vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Amazing Red
Four-way ladder match for a title shot? I'm sold! This is a hard one to guess, but if I'm going to shoot off a wall or something, I'll probably pick Brian Kendrick for the simple reason that he's been in WWE. And apparently TNA management has a hard-on for former WWE guys at the moment... which is all the more amazing that AJ Styles is still the World champion.

Pick: Brian Kendrick

Kevin Nash/Eric Young vs. Scott "Alka" Hall/Sean "Syxx-Pac Sucks" Waltman
There are wonderful stipulations behind this match. If Nash/Young win, then Hall/Waltman leave TNA for good... which is, of course, a lie since nobody is done for good; just ask Ric Flair. If Hall/Waltman wins, they get TNA contracts. Given that the banishment deal will never stick, I'd say Hall/Waltman wins this one... a sad proposition to be sure.

Pick: Hall/Waltman

TNA World Tag-Team Championship Match
Matt Morgan and Hernandez (c) vs. Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode and James Storm)
Beer Money takes the titles... I've really very little to say on this match.

Pick: Beer Money

Kurt Angle vs. Ken Anderson
Oh goody. It's a match between two former WWE guys. This really screams TNA in my mind. Although to be fair, I don't actually recall these guys ever duking it out, so this could be a nice one. Too bad the feud and build-up was pretty much botched, with Kurt Angle getting several "victories" over Anderson. With that said, Anderson wins this one.

Pick: Ken Anderson

TNA X-Division Championship Match
Doug Williams (champion) vs. Shannon Moore
The champ retains.

Pick: Doug Williams

Ultimate X Match for the No. 1 Contendership to the TNA World Tag-Team Championship
Generation Me vs. Motor-City Machine Guns
I'm flipping a coin here... so Generation Me.

Pick: Generation Me

NWA World Heavyweight Title
AJ Styles (champion) vs. Abyss
Even with the power of the universe and Hulk Hogan at his disposal, Abyss isn't going to win this one.

Pick: AJ Styles


Posted by dtm666 at 4:56 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 6 March 2019 7:15 PM EST

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