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DTM Blog - Archive
Monday, 9 April 2018
1246 - Part 2 of 6: Last Rites
Topic: Web Presence News

Why won't this site die?

Because I might need it for archival purposes...

Anyway, an actual update on the web front of this fine online establishment. I've replaced the old index.htm page with a brand-new one so that it provides two links. One directs you to this web blog, while the other link will direct you to my current blog, which you should be reading if you want to keep up with me.

Anyway, the goal is to do some minor tweaks and updates to the background bits before eventually calling it a blog. I'm hoping to get this stuff all done within four posts so I can close this on 1250 and be done with it.

The end is near... and hopefully within this calendar year.

Posted by dtm666 at 7:12 PM EDT

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