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BLOG Classic - Due For Shutdown September 2019
Tuesday, 16 February 2010
1234 - Some catching up to do...
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Random Stuff

Search for work still continues, but here's some stuff I added on the other blog in the past week in case anyone hasn't gone there yet:

The Bite commentary for this month has been posted in its entirety. It's not a necessarily long piece and it doesn't really cover much that hasn't been said before, but interested parties should give it a quick read.

Also submitted a video review of the NES game Track and Field to Asalieri's Reviewer contest. Not exactly the best piece out there, but hopefully I'll gain some headers to implement in possible future video reviews... this isn't exactly the type of thing I was going for months ago when I first entertained the idea, but I'd figure I get some straight reviews out before I get to the Reflections series down the line.

And... that's about it. I'll probably update here later, but all the major stuff I had planned is presently on hold until I get my affairs in order. Quick stuff, though... might see it sooner or later.

Thanks for understanding and don't forget that I'll be updating the Twisted Blog on a semi-semi-regular basis in the meantime, so check that out for now. 

Take care. 

Posted by dtm666 at 10:04 AM EST
Monday, 8 February 2010
1233 - No longer gainfully employed
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Random Stuff

As of today, I am out of work. Hence, no new updates for the foreseeable future.

I may add one or two bits here and there, but that's about it. 

Posted by dtm666 at 7:42 PM EST
Tuesday, 26 January 2010
1230 - Ladies And Gentlemen... the Titanic has sunk
Topic: Random Stuff

The blue-skinned people are the proverbial iceberg...

The Titanic is sinking into the abyss...

Avatar rakes the cash... 

The record is shattered...

And the movie's good too... 

Posted by dtm666 at 9:33 AM EST
Thursday, 10 December 2009
1214 - Mega Man 10 is coming...
Topic: Random Stuff

According to this article on, the latest issue of Nintendo Power has revealed that Capcom is working on Mega Man 10 and releasing it to WiiWare. No more details than that. Like the previous mega-outing, this is a retro-styled game that plays like the classic NES titles. But this time, it includes three playable characters, including Mega Man (obviously), Proto Man (no longer an extra you have to pick up), and a third character. Possibly the sheep man that's on the cover.

More news to come, but... thanks.

Posted by dtm666 at 6:45 AM EST
Sunday, 4 October 2009
1190 - Montreal Motocross Thingy
Topic: Random Stuff

Went to the Motocross show last night and had a generally good time... it was something that my mom wanted to go see as a family outing and for the most part, it was a genuinely fun show. I'll admit that I'm really not much of a motocross fan (I don't follow the sport, so I can't be a fan if I don't watch it), but all in all, it was a fun little event.

A couple weeks or so ago, my mother had asked if I wanted to attend the Motocross event that was being held at the Big O. She wanted this to be a family event since we didn't get to go on any trips this year... you know, what with my health issues and other bullshit. So I'd say, "Yeah, sure. Why not?"

Bought the tickets online - a process that she insisted on even though I would have rather bought the tickets in person - and to my great surprise, were mailed over within a couple days. I'll say this much - the admission office who handles this stuff does nice, prompt work.

So the show was last night and they had a few qualifying races, some titles were awarded, many bikes crashed on the various obstacles that weren't dirt mountains, and a couple injuries happened. All in all, thirty bucks well spent just to see the freestyle bikers in action. Even from a faraway seat, those stunts are pretty awesome to see live and in person.

Not necessarily going to follow the sport now, but I might be inclined to catch the show next year when it comes around.

Here's the show site. They don't have the results of last night's show as of this posting, but they might.

Posted by dtm666 at 12:17 PM EDT
Tuesday, 8 September 2009
1178 - Strange Feeling
Topic: Random Stuff

Walking by the magazine rack, I saw the cover for the latest issue of Nintendo Power and saw something on the cover that startled me a bit. What was it? A small bit of print that says "We Celebrate 20 Years of the Sega Genesis." If you owned a Genesis 20 years ago and were told that NINTENDO POWER would do a retrospective on the console, you would have had the messenger committed. Even years after the fact and despite owning a Wii with a couple Genesis games on the Virtual Console, I still can't used to the fact that Sega stuff is being featured in Nintendo stuff... go figure.

Speaking of anniversaries, tomorrow's the Sega Dreamcast's tenth birthday. To celebrate, I got a couple reviews ready that I'll post on the blog tomorrow - all Dreamcast related.

Posted by dtm666 at 9:57 PM EDT
Sunday, 24 May 2009
1135 - Screwattack Screw-A-Store
Topic: Random Stuff

Posted by dtm666 at 5:29 PM EDT
Tuesday, 28 April 2009
1130 - Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 - coming Summer 2009 to DLC
Topic: Random Stuff

Anyone who remembers this popular free-for-all fighting game will happy to know that the game will be hitting XBox Live Arcade and Playstation Network this summer. Anyone who don't know about the game... well, this game has lots of playable fighters, lots of balance issues, and lots of replay involved. A fun game, nonetheless.

Wii owners are left in the dust as the game won't be coming to that system. Being a Wii owner myself and not owning the other two consoles, I would probably be disappointed and feel sad... if it weren't for the fact that I already own a copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on Xbox... and it still works fine. Thanks.

Posted by dtm666 at 9:38 PM EDT
Wednesday, 11 February 2009
1102 - Quick Notes on FC3
Topic: Random Stuff

I had recently purchased an FC3 clone system - this is the system that plays NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis games on a single system. With such a wonderful set-up, you'd think it'd be an awesome package. Well in a way, it is, but there are some flaws. I'll go into more detail in a short while.

Posted by dtm666 at 7:05 AM EST
Monday, 9 February 2009
1100th Post And I Waste It On This?
Topic: Random Stuff

A couple quick comments:

- Brett Rattner, the guy responsible for three Rush Hour flicks and one shitty X-Men movie, has been tapped to bring the Image Comics comic Youngblood to the big screen. Apparently, I missed the entire demand for a Youngblood movie... what, were the rights to Doom's IV too expensive for the producers?

- Chris Jericho got into an altercation with some stupid fans who wouldn't leave him alone and ended up punching one of them after being provoked and pushed around. Kids, when wrestlers go home, LET THEM GO HOME. You have nothing to gain by being a complete douche to the other guy. If a wrestler or anyone else knocks you out, it's because you're the one being the asshole and not the other guy. Props to Jericho for standing up to the Confederacy of Dunces in Victoria, BC.

That's it for now. Later.

Posted by dtm666 at 7:05 AM EST
Thursday, 5 February 2009
1099 - GSP's Vasoline Problems
Topic: Random Stuff

Just to comment on the GSP Vasoline situation going on after his last fight... apparently, Vasoline is the new steroid in UFC. Wouldn't surprise me if most guys are using Vasoline.

Seriously, who cares?

Posted by dtm666 at 6:47 AM EST
Thursday, 8 January 2009
Topic: Random Stuff







Posted by dtm666 at 9:50 PM EST
1083 - EGM dead...
Topic: Random Stuff

Did you pick up the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly? You know, the January 2009 issue? Do yourself a favor and take really good care of it. I mean, really good care of it. Give it a bouquet of flowers and nice treatment... it might be a collectable one of these days.

Why is that? Because that's the last issue of EGM you'll ever get.

If you haven't heard the news, the long-running magazine, which would have celebrated its 20th anniversary, has been cancelled after parent company Ziff-Davis sold the online component of the 1UP network to the company that runs the UGO sites.

You know, that's kind of sad. Especially considering what a great mag EGM used to be... before its untimely cancellation. I used to remember back when my brother would pick up some issues back in the mid-90s; those guys did some great stuff. While I haven't been a regular reader in recent years, the couple issues I would pick up were always great reads regardless of what was featured.

So all the folks involved with the EGM run, I just want to say thanks for the good times and the fun ride... and good luck out there.

Posted by dtm666 at 8:15 PM EST
Monday, 15 December 2008
1071 - And now... enlightenment from Lance Storm
Topic: Random Stuff

Lance Storm asks on his blog: Did anyone else upon first seeing the new John Cena T-shirt think the initials on the front logo were H L A? I swear I thought he was wearing a new Hot Lesbian Action shirt when I first saw it.

He was indeed, Lance. He was indeed.

Posted by dtm666 at 10:36 PM EST
Monday, 8 December 2008
Topic: Random Stuff
At least... as of now.

Posted by dtm666 at 10:38 PM EST
Saturday, 6 December 2008
Topic: Random Stuff

Something I came across recently that you might be aware of. David Sirlin, SF Tourney player and SSF2THDR...whatever mastermind, has made a section on his blog compiling all of his posts regarding the latest SF2 iteration that he has had a hand-in. Good for those who want to know what has changed.

Click here to check out the page.

As far as the game goes, I haven't tried it out yet (reason being the next-gen console I picked up ISN'T getting the game in any shape or form), but people seem to dig it... so that's cool, I guess.

Posted by dtm666 at 8:34 AM EST
Saturday, 22 November 2008
1044 - trailer talk (nocap in title mode)
Topic: Random Stuff

Star Trek - I'll be honest with you; watching the trailer for the first time, my initial reaction was that it looks like it won't suck... but after a second look, it seems like it'll be a good film, well done, and possibly respectable to the source material. Look, I'm not going to bitch that the movie will blow or bellow that the movie will rock; I'm mostly at the "let's wait and see" phase of things, which is pretty much the best state you can be for a movie like this... so let's wait and see before passing judgment.

The Wrestler - Someone had posted a link to the trailer on his site and I saw it there. Having heard about this movie for some time, I thought I check it out (the trailer, I mean) and I thought, "Hey, this could be pretty good." While past movies based on pro-wrestling have been high on the cheese (No Holds Barred, Ready To Rumble, I'm talking to you), this movie looks like it'll take the subject matter seriously and isn't going to be a half-ass parody. I'm genuinely looking forward to this.

Posted by dtm666 at 8:45 AM EST
Thursday, 13 November 2008
1041 - Randall Loves To Play With His Wee.., er Wii
Topic: Random Stuff
Gamedaily has posted an interview with Randy Orton where he talks about using a Wiimote for therapy as well as bitching about his old theme song. Yeah, well, to be honest, I never liked that song either. It's actually a decent interview where there's more gaming talk than there is wrestling (hence the reason why it's under Random Stuff and not McWrestling).

Posted by dtm666 at 6:43 AM EST
Wednesday, 5 November 2008
1037 - Hard News on Screwattack's YouTube page
Topic: Random Stuff, that video game site that retains some semblance of awesomeness despite its best content being on another site and its best talent off to make their own site, has finally come to their senses and realized that posting 30-second previews on YouTube for 2-minute videos is retarded and  has decided upload full episodes of Hard News onto that account. Be sure to subscribe as thanks for this wonderful gesture that should have been the standard ages ago.

Posted by dtm666 at 7:02 AM EST
Friday, 24 October 2008
1030 - Midway fighting for its life
Topic: Random Stuff

Midway is undergoing ecomonic problems... and considering the current happenings on the stock side of things, who isn't? According to this piece, Midway is pretty much in dire straights, as they had to cancel a couple projects based on licensed properties and the properties that they didn't cancel (such as TNA Impact) hasn't sold as well as they would have liked. Right now, they're hoping that the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe game will be their saving grace.

Could this upcoming MK game have a chance of turning Midway's fortunes around? I'll admit that I'm a bit skeptical as to one game making all the difference, especially a game that is part of a franchise known for its excessively violent video games. However, considering the game also features DC heroes such as Superman, as well as a Teen rating for less bloody but still intense action, the possibility might be that the game could make Midway a lot of money. However, it can't be the only game to do this feat. It takes more than that.

Posted by dtm666 at 11:39 PM EDT

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