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BLOG Classic - Due For Shutdown September 2019
Saturday, 3 October 2009
1189 - An underwhelming effort, sir.
Topic: WTF?!

So the Irate Gamer, after months of delay due to hard drive failures and other excuses, has finally uploaded the second part of his "History of video Games" series... which is just a review of the Magnavox Odyssey... and it's supposedly split into two parts. Now I've seen the episode and... yes, it seems like I'm falling asleep.

You know what? I try to give the guy a chance. I really do. Despite all the bad rap he gets, I figure I give him a chance and hope he somehow redeems himself. Sure, people call him a knock-off and a plagiarist... and sure, he gets a good chunk of his information wrong, but even after all that, I was willing to give him a chance in hopes that maybe, just maybe he'd produce a product that goes beyond the usual sloppy servings he had uploaded as of late.

Guess what? It hasn't happened.

Maybe it's just me... but isn't the point of a "History Of..." to touch on important events in a timely manner? I'd figure it'd be the best thing to do and easy to mock up. So why am I getting reviews of Space War (not even the actual version, but a random Flash version) and Computer Space when they should just be significant footnotes in the story? Why am I getting a review of the Magnavox Odyssey when it's supposed to be a historical retrospect? And why, for the love of God, are we getting TWO PARTS of this?! Just discuss the console a bit and move on! This is supposed to be a HISTORY RETROSPECT!

It should be noted that the Angry Video Game Nerd already did a review of the Magnavox Odyssey and he only took ten minutes to review most of the necessary components outside of the light gun, which he demonstrated its use by shooting at the TV. Now there's probably more to the Odyssey than that, but the Nerd's review was advertised as that... a review.

Now, I'm not going to declare myself a hater or anything like that - but I am simply going to ignore the man for the foreseeable future. Until he can produce something that is actually worth my time, I'm not going to bother anymore.

Sorry, Chris. But you fail.

Posted by dtm666 at 10:01 AM EDT
Sunday, 9 August 2009
1167 - The Stupidity of Angel Grove Citizens
Topic: WTF?!

Some people made some Micro Heroes, which are GIFS of various characters, including those from a 1993 childrens show that I seem to talk about a lot around these parts. Somewhere along the way, I shamelessly took some of these GIFS and made the following comic. The JPG image I found was dated May 2007. Then I wonder why this was never released...

Um... yeah. WTF indeed...



Posted by dtm666 at 12:02 AM EDT
Wednesday, 1 July 2009
1151 - William... oh who cares?
Topic: WTF?! has posted an interesting tidbit on why William Shatner (old Kirk) has yet to see the new Star Trek movie. Here's the link for people who actually care...

So the guy wanted to be in the movie, they made a cameo role for him, he shot it down because it wasn't a major part, ended up not being in the movie, and he decides for whatever reason not to see it. And yet he holds out hope that they'll fit him in the new movie? Really?

So why am I wasting my time with this? Furthermore, why is Shatner giving his reasons for not seeing the new movie anything resembling news? Is it really that slow of a news day?

Look, if the guy doesn't want to see the movie, fine. I don't care. Nobody's forcing him... just do us all a favor and don't give this guy any more attention than he deserves. I mean, what's next? "William Shatner's toenail makes cameo in Star Trek 25?" Please.

Posted by dtm666 at 10:51 PM EDT
Tuesday, 3 March 2009
1109 - Those bastards at Sony...
Topic: WTF?!

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

Nefarious minds at work over at that organization, I tell you. Pretty much confirms my suspisions about the "console wars" going on currently.

Posted by dtm666 at 6:47 AM EST
Wednesday, 28 January 2009
1095 - You know things are bad when your president thinks your capital is full of chickens because of some ice.
Topic: WTF?!

Original Source article:

"Can I make a comment that is unrelated to the economy very quickly and it has to do with Washington?" President Barrack Obama told reporters prior to a White House meeting with business leaders early Wednesday morning.

"My children's school was canceled today. Because of what? Some ice?"

"Yessir, Mr. President," replied a swave reported, "Because of some ice."

Apparently, President Obama was surprised by the fact that a few centimeters of snow and a thin layer of ice that was all but melted away before nine o'clock was enough for some schools to either open later or close for the day. Obama, being a man from Chicago and used to real winter weather, suggests that Washington can't handle three centimeters of snow and that a bit of flinty Chicago toughness is needed.

Congratulations, Toronto. You are no longer the wussiest city in winter.

Now, to be fair, it can be argued that Washington doesn't have the proper means to deal with this "extreme" weather. Mind you, they could have pumped more funds into better snow equipment, but then you'd be taking away from funding for the War on Terror... or is it the War on Christmas?

Oh who cares?

Posted by dtm666 at 10:38 PM EST
Tuesday, 23 December 2008
1064 - Happy Festivus to anyone who celebrates...
Topic: WTF?!

Isn't that a fictional holiday? Just asking.

Anyway, if you celebrate, hope it goes good and be safe.

Posted by dtm666 at 7:48 AM EST
Sunday, 21 December 2008
1073 - Everybody kisses Wave Race 64's ass...
Topic: WTF?!

Two former partners review the same game on the same day...

First up, a review on YouTube by Camera Man Joe of The Game Heroes, a site run by Handsome Tom. Posted on December 19th, 2008.

Next up, a review on GameTrailers by Stuttering Craig of fame. Also posted on December 19th, 2008.

No, don't look anything into this. I'm sure it's just a wonderfully stupid coincidence... so what? Who cares. I'm not trying to revive any old wars... I just find it funny that two guys formerly associated with each other would review the same game on the same day.

Finally, a review of Wave Race 64 by someone else besides me... if I can find one.

Posted by dtm666 at 8:37 AM EST
Friday, 19 December 2008
1072 - boycotting youtbe... because tolstoy said it was a good idea...
Topic: WTF?!

Change of plan apparently... YouTube has policy changes and Tolstoy is pissed and planning a boycott today by avoiding YouTube and Google. Interestingly enough, it has to do with swearing.

That's sort of like the self-imposed exile I've put myself in from (um... the first exile, long before I posted anything on the site) for their policy change on adult content and fanfics featuring real people. I suppose there will never be a site that is suitable for a couple of neat fics I had written; both of them featuring Jason Frank beating the crap out of Tommy for being such a poorly developed character who went from martial artist to dinosaur doctor... such a shame.

P.S. That fic doesn't actually exist. Such a concept is stupid, anyway.

Posted by dtm666 at 6:32 AM EST
Tuesday, 9 December 2008
1068 - NicotineAlien's been suspended again - coutesy of GERM MAN NAY
Topic: WTF?!

For those who don't know, NicotineAlien is the second alias of game reviewer Armake21. No reasons have been given for this latest closure, although I suspect it has something to do with his hilarious commentary of Uwe Boll's House of the Dead movie.

Oh well and he was just about ready to get his old shit back up.

Posted by dtm666 at 7:00 AM EST
Friday, 28 November 2008
1052 - Problem with voting? Not at all. Problem with voting every other month? Definitely.
Topic: WTF?!

You know what? I hate interjecting politics of any kind on the blog or in any of my web projects... but I just have to ask for your indulgence just this once... please? I promise I will never bring politics up again... intentionally. We cool? OK. Here We Go...

Another comment on a Montreal Gazette article... this time regarding an 18-year-old college student running for a seat in the Quebec provincial election. The article itself is nothing special, but there's only a couple comments I'd like to comment on, particularly on a couple quotes from the PQ candidate Daniella Johnson-Meneghin, who is surprisingly shocked by the lack of enthusiasm in the current Quebec election. As is the norm, text from the source article are in italics.

"Look at me, look what I'm doing. I'm running for the experience, and to inspire young people."

Yeah, that's nice, dear. It's always good to encourage these young teenagers to use their newfound ability to vote for one of three different flavors of Quebec separatists. Excellent goal indeed.

Though this is the sixth federal, provincial or municipal vote in Montreal in five years - the first-time candidate says she's shocked by the lack of interest.

O RLY?... I don't have a fucking owl, let's move on.

"Is it that much of a burden to go to vote?" she asks the cynics.

One of the cynics - the one writing this very blog - replies with a bewildered tone, "Um... for the second time in two months? Um, er... YES"

"There are so many countries that would wish to have democracies like ours," Johnson-Meneghini tells them. "And we complain about that?"

Yes, they would be happy to have democracies like ours... but they'd be better off having democracies like the Americans, who only have two significant parties and as such only have elections every four years... much better system overall and also more consistant.

The article does make a note that Johnson-Meneghini's motherland of Argentina makes voting a compulsary passage... which means that their system is more stable and most people who don't have a viable choice to vote for usually spoil their vote - another equally powerful message to the candidates.

Of course, the plucky candidate points out some significant results that voting will get you.

"Look at the ADQ; nobody ever thought they would end up with 41 seats (in the last election)."

And after this election, the ADQ will be lucky enough to hold on to one seat, if any.

"And look at (U.S. President-elect) Barack Obama."

Yes... let's look at the half-black president elect who had TWO YEARS to campaign for one election... and who had the incredible advantage of not being in the same political party as BUSH.

"This is change that nobody thought would happen, but did because people went out to vote and they changed history."

Yes, you have presented a couple examples. Now let me present my own example... a little federal election that we had back in October of this year. What happened? NOTHING. We went in with a minority Harper government and we went out with a minority Harper government. No history changed there, huh?! And you're wondering why people are fed up with another fucking election! There's no motive behind these elections other than to cash in on some high approval ratings so that the present minority government could somehow sucker enough voters to give them a majority government so that they can do whatever the fuck they want without the threat of the opposition parties taking them down with a no-confidence vote and forcing everyone to vote again.

Sorry about the run-on. It's just too damn frustrating to think about these things.

Let me be clear on this. I like the democratic process. I like the fact that we have this hard-fought ability to vote for our leaders. Our ancestors who have fought and died for this freedom would not want us to take this right for granted.

It sucks that less people are showing up to polls to vote than ever... on the other hand, it sucks that these elections are no longer about choosing a leader and direction in government, but rather a matter of whether the current leader (or new leader) gets a majority government or not. There's nothing historic about that.

The only historical footnote in the recent federal election was that Harper had headed the longest running minority government ever, according to fact checkers. So what?

The only historical footnote in this provincial election is that there's a woman involved... a woman who is partly responsible for the lack of doctors in Quebec. Oh yeah, shit like that is definitely worthy of an Obama comparison.

And you know what the truly sad thing about all this? With all the shit going on in Ottawa, I wouldn't be surprised that we'd get ANOTHER federal election in a couple months time. So we have an economic crisis on our hands, lots of people are worried about their savings and stuff, but apparently there's enough money to throw ANOTHER FUCKING FEDERAL ELECTION JUST A SHORT TIME AFTER WE JUST FUCKING HAD A FUCKING FEDERAL ELECTION! THAT BULLSHIT IS MORE WORTHY OF A BUSH COMPARISON THAN ANYTHING ELSE!

But I digress... let's move on.

The rest of article just details a bit of background on Johnson-Meneghini before touching upon her new party's "evil" goal.

And when the nagging question of the PQ's commitment to separating Quebec from the rest of Canada comes up she tries to calm their concerns.

"(PQ leader) Pauline Marois doesn't want to hold a referendum," Johnson-Meneghini tells voters, asking them to "look beyond the sovereignty issue."

Sorry, kid. But a vote for PQ is a vote for separatism. Not gonna happen.

And that's about it, really. I hope you've all enjoyed my explosion into politics. I'll probably mention the election madness somewhere down the line... after that, that's it.

There are times where I almost wish I was American...

I said "almost."

Posted by dtm666 at 10:43 PM EST
1051 - Prime Minister Castro? Really?
Topic: WTF?!

I'm sorry, but I just thought this was worth a brief mention.

Taken from an article on the Montreal Gazette website, a picture of canadian prime minister Stephen Harper is followed by the caption ENRIQUE CASTRO. Who would have guessed that he'd be related to Fidel?

Okay, all joking aside...

A brief Wiki-search shows that Enrique Castro is NOT a relative of the former Cuban leader, but a former Spanish football/soccer player also known as Quini. I'm assuming the guy looks better than Harper does. Then again, I'm pretty sure the guy could possibly run the country better than Harper... but I digress.

Posted by dtm666 at 10:37 PM EST
Thursday, 6 November 2008
1038 - Irate posted a preview...
Topic: WTF?!

...for his Halloween episode... which isn't out yet.

I don't know whether he's waiting for next Halloween or he's just being incompetent with his releases. Mind you, I'm no king of punctuality, but at least I get some semblance of timeliness.

Come on, Bores. Put up your episode now.

Two months is too much.

Posted by dtm666 at 6:51 AM EST
Wednesday, 22 October 2008
1028 - Hey... did you hear?
Topic: WTF?!

Nick Hogan has been released from jail early due to good behavior.

I guess scum has a chance of freedom after all... especially when your dad is Hulk Hogan.

Posted by dtm666 at 6:39 AM EDT
Sunday, 14 September 2008
1011 - Splash Woman's weapon penetrates...?!!
Topic: WTF?!

As some people may have noticed, the Rockman 9 OST has been released - brief snippets can be found on the net (it sounds good). Some scans of the booklet revealing the bosses have surfaced and naturally, the Japanese text was translated for us stupid North Americans. Nothing particularly special (although the new bosses look both awesome and weird at the same time), but then you read Splash Woman's description, which goes something like this...

A robot who performs rescue work in situations such as sinking ships and people in oceans. Her special weapon is the Laser Trident. It fires a laser that has penetration ability.

Okay, so Splash Woman's weapon has penetration abilities. Yes, that sounds just about right... yeah.

Um... right.

Very unsettling.

Posted by dtm666 at 8:24 PM EDT
Friday, 12 September 2008
1009 - A quick word on OUR election
Topic: WTF?!

So the big focus seems to be on the upcoming Presidential Election, where candidates Barrack Obama and John McCain go out and campaign like there's no tomorrow, with plenty of intense speeches out there... I'd demonstrate, but then I'd fall asleep.

However, thanks to our esteemed PM, WE also have an election coming up in roughly a month... and boy has it been ever so sad.

I'm not going into details (if you really need a primer on the Canadian Proceedings, here's a good site to go to), but imagine McCain produces a website that shows a bird shitting on Obama.

If only that were to really happen... it'd actually keep me awake for five minutes.

Okay, back to reality... such as it is.

Posted by dtm666 at 6:35 AM EDT
Thursday, 14 August 2008
987 - Repetition Continues,,,
Topic: WTF?!

Only three versions of Mortal Kombat 1 are in my possession:

- Mortal Kombat (SNES)
- Mortal Kombat (GEN)
- Mortal Kombat (PC DOS)

Should I count the one that came in the Mortal Kombat: Deception Collectors' Edition?

Posted by dtm666 at 8:08 PM EDT
Wednesday, 13 August 2008
983 - A typical Madden session
Topic: WTF?!

So here's a Madden commercial I found... and I found it to be... not funny.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Posted by dtm666 at 6:56 AM EDT
Saturday, 26 July 2008
964 - Thank goodness I got a pure NES clone...
Topic: WTF?!

So apparently, there's an incompatibility snafu with my FC Twin. Certain Mindscape titles (such as Captain Planet and The Last Starfighter) won't recognize any of my button inputs. However, this is apparently not a problem on my Factor 5 unit... so I don't know.

Useless information if there ever was it...

Posted by dtm666 at 9:38 PM EDT
Friday, 25 July 2008
962 - Oh... fine, I delayed it long enough... HEART!
Topic: WTF?!

The human hear, that is. Don't be fearful, folks. It's lovely.

Now it's time to summon the captain.

Oh wait, he's here?

Then where is he?

Oh dear...

Posted by dtm666 at 9:25 AM EDT
Tuesday, 8 July 2008
946 - Minish Stupid
Topic: WTF?!

So I reinserted the cart back into the Gamecube and my saves are there. I go through the cart removal process and re-insert the cart back into the GBA and there I go. All my saves are back.

Stupid Picori. Bunch of idiots.

Posted by dtm666 at 9:19 PM EDT

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