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BLOG Classic - Due For Shutdown September 2019
Thursday, 15 January 2009
1089 - Final Crisis... bleh.
Topic: Comic Talk


Batman dies... again.


There, I saved you 5 bucks.

(2011 Update: Actually, no. Batman just gets sent back in time, leaving Dick Grayson to be Batman... oh, does it really matter? Everything is going to get reset one way or another!!!) 

Posted by dtm666 at 6:49 AM EST
Updated: Friday, 16 December 2011 1:36 PM EST
Monday, 1 December 2008
1055 - Bruce Wayne dies.
Topic: Comic Talk

Apparently Bruce Wayne dies...

I give it six months.

Posted by dtm666 at 9:47 PM EST
Tuesday, 15 April 2008
830 - The only time WWE and comics will ever go together again
Topic: Comic Talk
Strange that I'd mentioning comics and WWE, but that is no longer the case. Besides the fact that some people might be suffering withdrawals from the reality that Chaos Comics no longer exists to produce any more Undertaker comic books, WWE has apparently scrapped their supposed comic section from their upcoming kids magazine. Apparently, WWE believes that kids don't read comic books. This apparently doesn't stem from the fact that kids don't watch wrestling.

Posted by dtm666 at 6:14 AM EDT
Monday, 23 April 2007
498 - Quick Comic Review: Marvel Zombies
Topic: Comic Talk

I guess you can consider this a quick comic review, since I haven't a format to put up a full review. In fact, it's the first time in years that I'm reviewing a comic book in any form... much less five.

So the crossover series Marvel Zombies vs. Army Of Darkness is coming out soon and I thought I take the time to talk about the original five-part miniseries that was put out some time last year. For those who don't know, Marvel Zombies is an alternate-universe miniseries in which all the superheroes are turned into flesh-eating zombies. The concept is pretty stupid, but it somehow works. The whole thing is set up so that the heroes are aware of their zombie status, but really can't do anything about it. It's certainly different from most zombie stories, where the zombies are depicted as mindless one-track idiots.

Marvel Zombie's art is gruesome, as it should be. There's a bit more gore in this story than most Marvel tales of this type and it's almost appropriate considering what we're dealing with. Some of the imagery is almost unsettling to a point, but it isn't anything offensive if you know what you're getting into. It's not like anybody's "little buddy" and spider-balls are hanging out in public.

All in all, this is a fairly entertaining miniseries that's good for a laugh or two. If at all possible, track this one down (either the issues or a trade paperback if one's available)


Posted by dtm666 at 6:29 AM EDT
Thursday, 8 March 2007
461 - Captain America? Dead? Are You F'n Drunk?!
Topic: Comic Talk

Some press release or something. Got it off Trekweb which presumably came from some place else.

NEW YORK - Captain America has undertaken his last mission _ at least for now. The venerable superhero is killed in the issue of his namesake comic that hit stands Wednesday, the Daily News reported.

On the new edition's pages, a sniper shoots down the shield-wielding hero as he leaves a courthouse, according to the newspaper.

It ends a long run for the stars-and-stripes-wearing character, created in 1941 to incarnate patriotic feeling during World War II. Over the years, an estimated 210 million copies of "Captain America" comic books, published by New York-based Marvel Entertainment Inc., have been sold in a total of 75 countries.

But resurrections are not unknown in the world of comics, and Marvel Entertainment editor in chief Joe Quesada said a Captain America comeback wasn't impossible.

Still, the character's death came as a blow to co-creator Joe Simon.

"We really need him now," said Simon, 93, who worked with artist Jack Kirby to devise Captain America as a foe for Adolf Hitler.

According to the comic, the superhero was spawned when a scrawny arts student named Steve Rogers, ineligible for the army because of his poor health but eager to serve his country, agreed to a "Super Soldier Serum" injection. The substance made him a paragon of physical perfection, armed only with his shield, his strength, his smarts and a command of martial arts.

In the comic-book universe, death is not always final. But even if Captain America turns out to have met his end in print, he may not disappear entirely: Marvel has said it is developing a Captain America movie.

To this I say... if anyone truly believes that they're going to kill off one of their most beloved characters for good, you are truly out of your fucking minds and deserve to get your heads blown off. I mean, come on. 

Posted by dtm666 at 11:03 PM EST
Sunday, 12 November 2006
364 - Okay, Marvel. So Where's Civil War 5?
Topic: Comic Talk
You know... It's one thing when an issue to a comic book series is delayed. It's another when said series is the main miniseries of a company-wide event that is also affecting other books. Civil War, Marvel's big event, is sure taking its sweet time to get to issue 5. Maybe they should have planned this shit better with a timely creative team before undergoing this story. Civil War interest is already dwindling, guys. It's time to either shoot the next issue or can the project and push the Reset button on the whole thing.

Posted by dtm666 at 8:35 PM EST
Wednesday, 7 June 2006
The 300th Post And This Is All I Have to Show For it...
Topic: Comic Talk

Happy Wednesday.

Posted by dtm666 at 9:57 PM EDT
Thursday, 2 March 2006

Topic: Comic Talk
"I love writing this blog. You know why? Because none of you ever comments on it. I know you're reading it. The hits register. You just have nothing to say."

The above quote is from the recent issue of the new Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man comic series. And it sort of applies to this blog. Actually no. If you haven't comment on any of my posts, it's either because you do have nothing to say, you're not reading, or because commenting is turned off.

The girl in the comic probably should have checked to see if her commenting function is active. Maybe she'd get more comments... Oh well.

Posted by dtm666 at 7:16 AM EST
Thursday, 27 October 2005
137 - Superdickery Knows No Bounds
Topic: Comic Talk
Hey look! A comic-related blog post!

So I'm reading an issue of Superman (I think it was 222 or something) and I've realized that Superman isn't even in the book for more than a few pages... it was one of his friggin' robots. You know, I thought the Crisis on Inifinite Earths was supposed to fix up all these stupidity gimmicks. But I guess that's why we have the Infinite Crisis, which is supposed to have MAJOR repurcussions (SP). Or at least until they come out with Not-Finite Crisis in ten to fifteen years.

Those wacky folks at DC sure loves them Crises.

Posted by dtm666 at 6:36 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 7 April 2010 11:52 AM EDT
Monday, 9 May 2005
91 - DC Comics' Brand-Spanking-New Logo
Topic: Comic Talk

All I gotta say is... WHAT THE F*CK?!


2010 Update: It looks like a nice logo. What's wrong with me back then? I wish I could slap myself... hey, that's not a bad idea. SLAP!

Posted by dtm666 at 10:46 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 7 April 2010 10:09 AM EDT
Tuesday, 27 July 2004
20 - Nice try.
Topic: Comic Talk
I'm about to share something with you that's good for a laugh and somewhat similar. First off, I urge you to go to the following website (highlight the address, copy and past):

Or you can just read the rest of this entry if you don't want to bother with visiting this site.

The site is run by a bunch of comic geeks disguised as would-be filmmakers (despite their credentials) who are distraught that Hollywood is 'bastardizing' their comics by making subtle changes and whatnot from the source material. The site claims that they're going to take action by producing their own version of Spider-Man 3 (staying true to the original comic stories, whatever) and send it to Marvel before Sam Raimi could get his done. That's just the overall summary... I'm not going to go into details.

All I can say is... ARE YOU F*CKING HIGH?!!

Spider-Man 2 may not have been 100% accurate to the comic, but it's still a damned fine movie because what it does manage to get right is done well. So what if Spider-Man has organic webbing rather than mechanical webshooters? It suits the movie perfectly because it doesn't disrupt the flow of the action like the traditional mechanical shooters would.

Yes, I'll agree that Hollywood makes dumbs 'your' precious comics when it comes to movies based on it. Hollywood changes anything from an original source to make sure it fits their vision.

Perfect example is Dracula. Bram Stoker's classic character had been featured in many movies, but just about none of them followed the original novel precisely (only Francis Ford Coppola's version comes close). But I'm just ranting there.

Most comic movies suck because of the changes made, but some movies are rather good despite (or in spite of) the changes made. Maybe it hadn't crossed your mind, but even comics make subtle changes to long-time characters as far as origin stories go. If a Superman movie were to stay true to the original version of the character, he would be whipping criminals into the wall head first cracking their skulls open. Likewise with Batman, he would actually use a gun. Sometimes change is good; it depends on what kind of change.

Besides, the purpose of a comic-book movie is to not only make money (because that's with every business, including comic books), but to introduce the character to a wider audience and hopefully get them hooked on the comics.

You guys want to redo a comic movie? Redo 'Catwoman' because that movie sucked ass.


If they're really serious about doing this thing, at least move to New York and shoot it. Otherwise, it's just Spider-Man in L.A. and that's not exactly true to the comics, now is it?

Okay, enough of this.

Posted by dtm666 at 7:54 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 22 August 2007 10:35 PM EDT

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