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BLOG Classic - Due For Shutdown September 2019
Thursday, 26 November 2009
1208 - The Tablets will crumble soon and future PRRs
Topic: Ranger Restroom

Haven't been in the Restroom for a while, so let's get this over with...

- For anyone remotely interested in good fanfiction, better go over here before the site closes. It's not obviouisly mine, but it does contain some wonderful material that has been around for years. If you want to check out fics and grab pics, do so now before the site is gone.

- Retrospectives on Power Rangers have been abandoned for quite some time. It's a matter of severe writer's block at this point. Right now, though, I've got a couple planned, but am not sure as to when they'll be ready. Will keep in touch soon.

- As promised, next Thursday will be the first "remastered" update of fanfics. I'm due to begin posting "new" material in February 2010... maybe.

Posted by dtm666 at 7:11 AM EST
Thursday, 6 November 2008
1039 - Apparently Jungle Fury's over...
Topic: Ranger Restroom

And I have yet to see one episode. Boo hoo, right?

What I didn't know... or supposedly don't recall knowing... is that this is Bruce Kalish's final season on Power Rangers. If that's the case... good. Hopefully, the next guy running things will do a far better job than what we've been getting these past few years.

Oh... I guess I'll check out the finale or something.

Posted by dtm666 at 7:02 AM EST
Saturday, 12 April 2008
824 - Revisiting The Past - Rob Siebert's "Forever Red: The Novel"
Topic: Ranger Restroom

Written shortly after the airing of the 10th anniversary episode "Forever Red", the fanfic spans nearly 30 chapters and expands the episode into a deeper, more intricate storyline. Little things such as rookie Red Ranger Cole's attempts to impress the first Red Ranger Jason, Andros' quest for vengeance against one of the Machine generals, and even an expanded final battle between Serpenterra and a fleet of zords adds to the overall story and makes it even more dramatic. While some consider this to be the finest of PR fanfiction, I'll just go ahead and say that Rob made a spot-on adaptation/remake of a good anniversary episode. Recommended read.

If you're interested in checking out the fanfic, a website called Shadow Ranger's Zone hosts the completed text here. Just follow the link and enjoy.

Posted by dtm666 at 8:58 AM EDT
Tuesday, 8 April 2008
823 - Things to come on the Rangers end of things
Topic: Ranger Restroom

A couple of things to look forward to on the Ranger Restroom:

In a couple weeks, I post a new fanfic based on the early days of MMPR. It's a pretty short one, but that's what I'm currently aiming for. Let's get some small stuff done before committing to multi-part epics. 

I'm also working on a couple MMPR Retrospect articles to bring that back up to speed: both of these are multi-part episodes from MMPR's third season. These would be followed by a Retrospect series on the MMPR movie.

Also, I'm currently working on getting some reviews of the many Ranger series that have come out since. More to come on that.

See? Lots of stuff to look forward to. As long as I can get the Webstation up soon. 

Posted by dtm666 at 7:28 AM EDT
Thursday, 20 March 2008
804 - Joe Rovang's Power Rangers: Take Flight
Topic: Ranger Restroom

Joe Rovang, a longtime fan of the franchise and one of the "old-schoolers" in the fandom, has come out of his apparent hybernation to release his latest fan series called Take Flight, which is the Power Rangerization of the Sentai series Jetman. Jetman, for the uninitiated, was the series preceding Zyuranger, the Sentai series which eventually became MMPR.

Joe posted the first couple episodes on his site. The series hasn't done much for me, but to be fair, it's still a solid work. Certainly better than the tripe Disney is passing off as Power Rangers these days. Check it out here

Posted by dtm666 at 6:45 AM EDT
Monday, 18 February 2008
751 - Disgruntled Blue Ranger Returns To Hollywood
Topic: Ranger Restroom

Since I currently can't link stuff, here's the addy so you can cut and paste: 

According to this thread over at Rangerboard, former PR actor David Yost, best known for his portrayal of nerdy Billy the Blue Boy Ranger, is returning to Hollywood. While there's no source for this information (because the poster decided not to reveal it), there is a recent picture of him posted, which features Mr. Yost making contorted faces and looking like an idiot. Hey, Dave. If Hollywood doesn't work to your liking, you'll be a great fit in WWE. Only need a few more 'roids.

Posted by dtm666 at 7:02 AM EST
Monday, 11 February 2008
731 - The process begins...
Topic: Ranger Restroom
So, as something that I've been touting myself to do for months since getting a brand-spanking new DVD Recorder, I've begun transfering old Power Rangers episodes from reliable VHS to DVD. Right now, I'm starting off with the MMPR tapes and then later, I'll be doing the more complicated one with multiple incarnations. It's nothing noteworthy for anyone who cares; I'm not planning on selling it or anything. It's just something that I meant to do, considering I've ported all the old wrestling shows and whatnot over.

Posted by dtm666 at 6:31 AM EST
Wednesday, 30 January 2008
706 - MMPR Retrospect: Best Man For The Job
Topic: Ranger Restroom

Note: this piece has been finished for quite some time, but I never bothered to actually post it until recently, so here it is...

So this particular episode came up because I popped in a tape and there it was. So anyone wondering on how episodes are selected... it's completely random.

We begin today's episode of Power Rangers in the great halls of Angel Grove High School (because outside of school and the juice bar, these kids have no lives what) where we learn that elections are coming up to vote in the new Student President of the school. Kinda reminds me of Killing Mr. Griffin - except nowhere near as dramatic or as exciting... but they both got Amy Jo Johnson, so that fixes everything. Right.

Anyway, Tommy (the White Ranger) decides that he'll run for office (do student presidents HAVE offices? Not being one, I never really know) and Billy (the Blue Ranger and resident Nerd) comes up with the clever catchphrase "Best Man For the Job". Why it's the very name of the episode itself! What a coincidence! Bulk and Skull, the comedic duo of the show, also decide to run albeit for different reasons; Bulk so that he'd have access to the student files (???) so he can figure out who the Power Rangers really are - here's a hint: look for the kids wearing the SAME FUCKING COLORS! - and Skull so he can cancel classes for good. Considering the shitty high school experience I've had, if I had to place a vote, it'd be for Skull. Not to be left out of all the fun, Kimberly (the Pinky Ranger and Tommy's girlfriend) also decides to run for office... or something. This results in what is supposed to be a friendly competition between two friends who also happen to be dating. Oh, I'm sure nothing is going to go wrong here, no siree.

Meanwhile, Lord Zedd and Rita discuss their plans for the Rangers. Rita already has a great idea, but Zedd shoots her down because she's a girl... apparently feminism is at an all-time low within the Evil Space Alien ranks. So Zedd goes bye-bye for the rest of the episode to formulate a plan - no doubt one that involves turning some random inanimate object into a rubber monster and terrorize kids in the park - while Rita creates jumbo-sized rope (with electric charge!) and gives it to Squatt and Baboo - the two most useless monsters in Power Rangers - so that they can make the two Rangers running for office trip over it and hate each other. Of course, this would involve some stealth strategy on their part... which will no doubt be developed during the commercial break.

A bit of useless, personal trivia: I didn't have total access to the second season when it first aired. Since the local cable package didn't have FOX in any shape or form (and wouldn't have it until a couple years later), the only way I could watch fresh new Power Rangers was on the local CBS affiliate every Sunday morning. Of course, the problem is that episodes weren't shown in sequence - one week, they would show the first half of a two-parter and the next week they'd show a totally unrelated single episode. So, as a result, this episode was the first time I had seen Lord Zedd and Rita together and to further add to my confusion, they were married?! I had known a bit of Rita's outing, but this was completely out of the blue especially considering I had no means of following the series on a regular basis. Suffice it to say, this was a true WTF moment in my viewings of Power Rangers and it would be until much later that I'd see the whole story unfold, clearing up a few things. Unfortunately, none of this would resolve the dilemma of the idiot plot device that would emerge years later and claim to be the evil duo's offspring, but that's a story for another day... one I hope I never have to revisit anytime soon... because once is enough!

Anyway, back from commercial, we see Tommy and Kimberly aimlessly walking in the park discussing their strategies and counter-strategies as opposed to doing all the things you'd usually do when running for office - like spreading propaganda and bullshit promises you never intend on keeping. Meanwhile, the two idiot monsters stretch out their magic rope and hide behind a bunch of bushes in a poorly-devised trap that a blind person can spot a mile away. Somehow, the two Rangers trip over the stupid magic rope and do these whacked angry faces that defy believability. From there, they go into this fight basically "I'm gonna beat you!" "No, I am!"

And then they leave. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd gets his five-second cameo appearance before fading into obscurity for the rest of the episode. Back in school, Tommy draws glasses and beard on Kim's face (plastered on a pink poster)... and subsequently covers his artwork with his own shitty poster. Kimmy shows up and they then corner this random guy with the following exchange:

Tommy: You're going to vote for me, aren't you? I'm Tommy! The White Ranger! So you have to vote for me!
Kim: No, you're not. You're going to vote for me! And to emphasize this, I'm going to give you a picture of me wearing revealing bikinis over my sleek Pink Ranger suit.

So Tommy, not able to compete with that kind of selling power (because nobody wants pictures of Tommy wearing his gold thing), tells Billy to fix up some more posters while Kimmy changes Tommy's poster around so that it says "Don't Vote For Dummy". This prompts the following exchange between Aisha (the Yellow Ranger) and Kimmy:

Aisha: Now, Kimberly. That's mean.
Kimmy: He started it by drawing those mean pictures! Besides, I could have posted "Don't Be A Dumbass! Don't Vote For Tom-Ass!"

Okay, I made those up.

Meanwhile, Rita devises a trap for Tommy which involves placing a note on his locker door that will direct him to the park if he wants to destroy Kim. Apparently, they're going to bait him with a copy of Agony In Pink, the Porno Ranger fanfic... because that's all you need to know to get rid of Kim. Naturally, Tommy The Dummy takes the bait and shows up at the park, where he is ambushed by Goldar and a group of Putties. Why should Tommy be worried about this? He can beat these guys! He's the White Ranger! But of course, they kick his ass anyway. Cue the other Rangers to help Tommy and they get sidetracked. Evidently, Kimmy bails Tommy out of another mess and they get into another argument. It's actually quite funny as they basically ignore the action and just argue the heck out of each other. The bit with Goldar vying for attention is classic, but the fun ends when he takes the more direct route - punch Kim out and steal Tommy's plastic sword, Saba. I don't recall that being in Agony In Pink - must be the kid friendly version. Proving how dangerous he is, Goldar forces Saba to shoot out his sissy laser beams at the Rangers, resulting in the worst selling of an attack in the show. With Goldar's ability to shooting sparkly things, the Rangers retreat.

In the Command Center, the Rangers discover that the happy couple are under a powerful hate spell and the only way to remove the spell is to get them to smell roses... because roses are the symbol of love and friendship. Amazingly, nobody had to go out to some far off place to acquire the roses (like they would any other strange flower that has the power to remove random spells) as Alpha seemingly creates them out of thin air. So the two hatebugs smell the roses and the spell is broken. A sappy moment comprising apologies and other fluff is thankfully interrupted by Rita in the park, who promptly summons the Tigerzord. The Rangers (except Tommy - because someone stole his Zord) summon their own Megazord and thus we have a Megazord vs. Tigerzord fight via US-based footage. You could tell it's US-based footage because the city models are barebones, the Zords move somewhat more stiffly, and the explosions are even crappier. Still, it's a surreal moment that attempts to recreate the Megazord vs. Dragonzord fight magic, but doesn't have the same zing.

All the exciting action comes to a halt when Tommy appears and steals Saba back from Rita's hands using a magnet device - yep, a gimmick weapon ended this second-rate zord battle instead of... oh forget it. It works, why complain about it? I mean it's not like they're going to pull off the same sort of stuff on the show fifteen years later. Anyway, Rita and crew flees and receives a final insult from Zedd. Not bad for a guy who did fuck all the entire episode.

Oh yeah, Kimberly wins the election. The end.

FINAL ANALYSIS: The basic theme of this episode seems to be girls can do anything men do, but unfortunately that theme pales in comparison to two things: we got a zord-on-zord fight that looks cheap (but at least they tried - not to mention that they would eventually get better) and we got a lovers' spat. It's a fairly typical episode that doesn't really stand out or anything, but it's not terribly offensive either.



Posted by dtm666 at 6:53 AM EST
Monday, 19 November 2007
678 - Got them Super Legends
Topic: Ranger Restroom
For both DS and PS2. Reviews forthcoming.

Posted by dtm666 at 7:00 AM EST
Tuesday, 2 October 2007
659 - Video for that new Power Rangers game coming out
Topic: Ranger Restroom


Looks interesting. Pray that it turns out better than the recent crop of Rangers THQ has been farting out. 

Posted by dtm666 at 6:47 AM EDT
Tuesday, 4 September 2007
639 - YouTube Links To Unaired MMPR Pilot
Topic: Ranger Restroom

Most of you know this as that Lost Episode show that aired back in 1999. This is not that episode; this is the original unaired pilot with somewhat different music, unedited dialogue, and more stiffer fights. It's not a huge difference, but on the other hand...

Part 1 - Part 2 

Posted by dtm666 at 7:21 AM EDT
636 - Cybertron pilot featuring Tommy the Technicolor Ranger
Topic: Ranger Restroom

A guy known by the name of SirStack has recently unearthed the "long lost" pilot episode for Cybertron, a Power Rangers spin-off show that would later be known as VR Troopers. Only point of interest with this is that it features Jason Frank in the starring role, which he would have had if it weren't for those stupid kids who wanted him back as the Green Ranger.

Click here to see it. 

Posted by dtm666 at 6:19 AM EDT
Sunday, 12 August 2007
604 - Rolling Bomber Special
Topic: Ranger Restroom

Probably already mentioned this in an older blog post, but for those who haven't gotten a chance to see this yet, here's the Rolling Bomber Special short, which is a really neat satire of the Super Sentai/Power Rangers franchises. This particular posting features a cleaner picture quality and redone subtitles, but it's otherwise the same good stuff. 

I'm sort of mentioning it again because it's the part basis for an upcoming MMPR fanfic that I hope to get out on the series birthday.

Posted by dtm666 at 9:28 PM EDT
Thursday, 2 August 2007
595 - Classic PR Retrospect: A Bad Reflection on You
Topic: Ranger Restroom

For the Once A Ranger retrospect, just scroll down.

This first-season episode doesn't seem like much and most people probably don't believe it to be anything significant, but this is a uniquely significant filler episode. It didn't change the long-term status quo nor did it deliver a particularly strong story - the fight against clones and doppelgangers is the typical action cliché if there ever was one, but it did go against the everyplot formula that ran through the Power Rangers series. Not just with one significant detail, but with all kinds of stuff.

Before we go further, there's a fair chance some of you probably don't know what I'm talking about, so let me explain. A typical Mighty Morphin Power Rangers storyline goes like this: each episode opens with the Rangers involved in some school activity and Rita creates a monster based on the activity. The Ranger teens fight putties at first, then morph to fight the monster, then summon their Zords to take down the giant-sized monster. The episode ends with the school activity being a rousing success and Rita earning another headache. Some slight variations may include participating in contests, fund-raising, or something really mundane or generic. Almost every episode of Power Rangers was (and still is) scripted in this fashion.

Not this time.

To represent the stakes of this grandiose yet deceptively simple episode, we begin not with the Ranger teens at the Youth Center attempting to commit some good charitical deed, but instead we open with good ol' Zyuranger footage featuring Rita and her band of merry monsters. In this opening sequence of events, they discuss plans to create evil duplicates of the Power Rangers and ruin their good name. Well, the easier thing to do would be to form a soccer mom club complaining about how the Rangers are promoting violence and drug use, but that would be a bit too realistic and the kids would probably be stupid enough to admit it. So instead, we have the Mirror monster and a few putties show up on Earth and change into Evil Power Rangers. And you know they're EVIL POWER RANGERS because they're wearing EVIL BLACK SUNGLASSES and have EVIL LOW-BUDGET RED GLOWING EYES! HOLY SHIT, THAT'S EVIL!

The first step for the plan to go together would be to ruin the good name of the Ranger teens at school. So what do they do? They rig a water fountain so that it shoots whipped cream instead of water... or is it soap? Who knows? Anyways, the rigged fountain reels in a sucker; the school principal Mr. Caplan. You've got to feel for poor Caplan; what has he ever done to deserve such horrid treatment? He's run a fairly good high school (a little too good, but I digress). Why is he the victim of all this goofiness? Anyway, while Caplan is getting covered in soap and cream, evil Rangers laugh at him and just before cutting to commercial, evil Jason takes off his EVIL SUNGLASSES and shows off his EVIL LOW-BUDGET RED GLOWING EYES! WOW! THAT'S EVIL!

Back from commercials, the evil Ranger clones laugh and walk away... while the real Rangers CONVENIENTLY shows up and witnesses the Incredible Dancing Caplan (comes with free soap). Despite their efforts to help the fallen principal, Caplan cracks and sends them all to detention.

"But Mr. Caplan! We have to go to the Angel Grove Youth Center to help out with the Generic Fundraising Event to raise money for the local charities."

"No fundraisers for you! DEEEEEEEE-TENTION!"

"But what about little Roger? We have to help him make it to the forth soccer tryout."


So the real Rangers are stuck in detention with permanent residents Bulk and Skull. Naturally, hijinx is insured as the teens bare witness to Bulk's jumbo-sized lunch (cause he's FAT, see? That's FUNNY.) and his emergency detention survival kit, which happens to be a TV. Gee, Bulk's a pretty lucky bastard. My detention survival kit consisted of a blank notepad and some colored pencils.

So they pop in the emergency survival kit TV and after a brief showing of an old cartoon, a SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN interrupts the exciting escapades to report that the Power Rangers have gone bad. How can this be? the teens ask. It's impossible, they say. But there it is; the Power Rangers shooting everything in sight and a fearful prospect from the newscaster that the Rangers had turned into the hoodlums they put out of business. IS THIS THE END OF THE POWER RANGERS?

Of course not, silly boy. The Ranger teens know they have to morph and confront their clones, but they have to . This leads into one of the most stupidest forms of trickery ever, as the Rangers tell Bulk & Skull to cover their eyes and ears, then count backwards to ten. From this brief exchange alone, we learn two important points:

1) Bulk and Skull can't count.
2) If they can't hear the teens scream out their calls even with their ears covered, their hearing ain't that great.

With the Rangers escaping the wrath of Bulk and Skull, they morph and face off against the imposters. There really isn't much to say about these fights; they're your typical Sentai/Power Ranger fights. Lots of kicking and sparks a-flying (as opposed to the nonsensical explosions that occur every five seconds in current incarnations), the Rangers defeat their clones one by one (each one turning back into a Putty). When the last one is downed to reveal the Mirror monster, he still manages to hold his own with a few quick attacks, but ultimately it's all for naught.

A quick blast from the Power Blaster later, they broke the Mirror monster and the citizens gather around their heroes, admitting they were total idiots for believing the fakes were the real deal. Well, given how they couldn't identify the Rangers as the five teens who wear the SAME FUCKING COLORS AS THE RANGERS, I guess they could be forgiven. But let's not forget the more important detail: this is one of the few episodes in Power Rangers where they didn't need the Megazord to finish off the monster. It's generally a sigh of relief when an episode ends differently from the status quo. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen as the Rangers return to detention in time to embarrass Bulk and Skull once again. Oh well.

FINAL ANALYSIS: As it is, this is generally breaking the format a bit. Instead of starting with the teens, we start with Rita and her crew. The Rangers' problem doesn't stem from some public function, but the fact that they're stuck in detention with Bulk & Skull and have to devise a means of dealing with their fakes without blowing their covers. There's no Putty fight per se (although the fakes turn back into Putties when beaten) and there's no Megazord fight to end the show. While it's basically a cookie-cutter episode with a few good moments, it's a solid one at best and one of the few distinguishable episodes that isn't a multi-part storyline. I kinda like this episode, so it's a good show.



Posted by dtm666 at 11:17 PM EDT
594 - Classic PR Retrospect: Blue Ranger Gone Bad
Topic: Ranger Restroom

For the Once A Ranger review, just scroll down.

Jumping ahead to the tail end of the second season, today's episode is Blue Ranger Gone Bad. Just guess who's the central character in this episode. If you've guessed Billy, give yourself a cookie. Now guess what the episode is about. If you've guessed Billy overcoming his shyness to ask a girl out, give yourself another cookie. Now guess what Zedd's plan revolves around... actually, don't bother with that one. You're probably out of cookies anyway.

The episode opens up with the Ranger teens in art class. Tommy takes potery. Kimberly takes up painting. Billy, being the nerd that he is, decides to build a hologram (which is a mirror-like thingie - keep this in mind. It's important) Before Billy could explain how a holographic disc constitutes an art project, we cut to Bulk & Skull showing Art Teacher their crappy statue that I might be able to recreate with a bucket of Playdoh. According to them, it's a statue of the Power Rangers, but really, it looks more like a close-up representation of snot. A bit of advice, guys: let someone else do the work for you.

We then cut back to the next girl-interest for Billy, Girl #210, who shows off her project, which is a grey statue of Billy - Billy is flattered by the uncanny resemblence of him. That leads to the next sequence where the classroom is empty and Goldar takes over the room! Oh dear lord! Goldar has conquered the Art Class Room! Will anyone stop this madman?!


Zedd decides to chant before making his move, which prompts Rita to swipe the man's staff and do the deed faster with the much simpler "Blue Ranger Be Bad!" Well, it works... as the statue now becomes Billy or rather a clone. He even gets some of the mannerisms down. Yay. Time for a commercial.

When we get back, Billy is considering asking Girl #210 out to a movie and his friends agree, because not agreeing would go against the mandate of Power Rangers. It seems so nice to have a circle of friends that will agree with every decision you make, even if it's the wrong one... but I digress. Suddenly, the Rangers get attacked by putties and this leads to Putty Fight #563. In a moment of distraction, Billy is taken away by vines and sent to another dimension. The owner of the living vines was never revealed, just like the driver of the hummer which ran over Kevin Nash in WCW was never revealed. Damn writers can't think up a simple name to go with a role. Someone ought to write a fanfic about that... don't look my way.

So now Billy is trapped in the evil Dark Dimension - the original one where Jason and Goldar had that awesome fight in the first season of MMPR - where he meets with Goldar, the two useless stooges, and our monster of the day, Billy-clone. Billy watches the clone as he is given real-Billy's goods and tells him that his friends would never believe he's real, which seems to indicate that our main-brain Billy has forgotten the cardinal rule of Angel Grove City: people are predominantly stupid because a smart person would check out the teen's preference of colors, compare them with the Rangers, and put the two together. The clone goes off on his mission to infiltrate the Rangers, while Goldar pulls a conveniently placed switch that fills the room (or rather Billy's side of the room) with sleeping gas... or maybe it's cigarette smoke. Who knows?

When we cut back to the exciting drama, Billy-clone decides to fit in with the others by declaring that instead of studying for the upcoming math class, he'll lift weights. Weights? Are you fucking kidding me? I mean, sure, Billy's mass had steadily increased since his initial appearance on the show, but I would rather attribute that to Billy taking some steroid-type formula of his own design as opposed to any physical activity on his part... certainly a better explanation than saying Billy's more built and active because David Yost (actor who plays Billy) goes to the gym regularly.

Next scene, we see Billy-clone lifting weights - thus showing that despite being a villain and evil clone, he is an evil clone of his word. Despite the fact that Billy has never been seen lifting weights nor has he ever shown any relative interest before in any particular episode prior to or since this one, the Rangers attribute it to Billy simply acting weird. Remember what I said about the cardinal rule? You'd think one of them would have realized that Billy never lifts weights and would single him out as the clone. In another "weird" moment, Billy approaches the bar where Girl #210 has been waiting for him. Despite her attempts at catching his attention, Billy-clone ignores her and she leaves. Good riddance if you ask me.

Dropping the girl talk, Billy-clone cuts to the chase and asks for the other Rangers' communicators due to some technical mumbo-jumbo that goes over the others' heads. All the Rangers (except Tommy the White Ranger TM) surrender their goods (while unaware that Billy-clone has also taken their morphers - never mind the means of doing so.) Thus, we declare Tommy the Smartest Ranger of the Episode by withholding his own wrist-watch instead of surrendering it to Billy-clone - he should be proud because it's the only smart thing he's ever done in his whole Ranger career.

Now we cut to the park and after some suspicious behavior from "Billy" (which is mainly him saying he left his hologram disc at home... even though he never went home), Tommy continues his "smartness" by contacting Zordon to confirm orders to modify the communicators. As expected, Zordon says there's nothing wrong with the communicators. Rita, realizing the jig is up, sends Goldar and putties after the Rangers, who soon realize that they are missing their morphers and accused Billy-clone of the crime. Yeah, because Billy-clone likes to stick his hand up people's asses.

During the scuffle, Kim takes Billy's bag of morphers, communicators, and Playboy magazines and tosses it up a tree where it is left hanging. Oh yeah, that's a smart move. Of course, the fact that the Rangers don't have their morphers is not much of a disadvantage as they still manage to beat up Goldar and the putties. Anyone who actually surprised by this should stop reading right now... or send a better monster. In this case, our monster of the day is created from Tommy's art project (I was almost tempted to write Tommy's pot) and he proceeds to zap the Rangers with explosions.

One quick note: in the scene where the Ranger teens are being exploded, Kim's hair seems to cover her face. I wonder if this was a stand-in for AJ or if she just hated the little sparkly thingies and needed to protect herself by hiding behind her hair.

Meanwhile, Billy discovers that he can short out Goldar's force field by deflecting the laser with his hologram disc - you know, the one he left at home. With Billy free from the force field, Alpha detects him on the scanner and teleports him to the battle field where he encounters the clone as he grabs the backpack of goodies. Stupidly, the clone falls as soon as he grabs the bag, allowing Billy to pick up the bag and toss it to the other Rangers, all of whom seemingly recovered from the explosive sparklers. Billy and clone then morpher (a cool dual-morph sequence) and nobody can figure out which Billy is which. They quickly figure out which is the fake Billy and which is the real Billy. How? Well, the fake Billy calls the hologram disc a mirror... okay.

With the fake exposed, the real Billy stands side-by-side with the other Rangers and they all shoot laser beams at the clone. The clone Ranger does a nice job of deflecting a few laser shots (which effectively makes him a better Ranger than the heroes themselves - think about that), but eventually gets overwhelmed by sparklers from his suit and disappears in a cheap flash of light. It's at this point in time that we ask "What the hell happened here? Did the clone die or did he quickly escape, never to be seen again?" Who knows what happened, although this particular conundrum has inspired a couple fanfics to be written... really good reads if you know which ones I'm talking about. Either way, it's safe to assume that he's dead... some death scene. Cheap bastards.

But anyway, let's not forget that we have a monster to confront and toys to sell. So Zedd makes the monster grow, Rangers summon their zords, they fight, and the monster is defeated. Yay. You know, I sort of wish they started mixing up the format a bit. At least in some first season eps, the Power Blaster was more than enough to kill a monster. (In fact, the next couple episodes being reviewed breaks the mold a bit.)

In the final moments of our episode, Billy goes up to Girl #210 and asks her out. Word has it the relationship didn't last long because Billy wouldn't lift weights. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull reveal their art project to the class (proudly admitting that someone else did the work for them) that will serve as a gift to the Power Rangers: a small statue of Billy The Gold Ranger.

No wonder people would assume Billy would be the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo - they watched this show and pointed it out as evidence.

FINAL ANALYSIS: We rarely get a decent Billy episode and while thi. It's a fairly solid episode that makes limited use of its Sentai footage and focuses on presenting a gripping (in terms of childrens' television) story that is the focus of the episode. This type of Ranger episode would eventually translate into multi-episode story arcs and would even dominate an entire series in the form of Power Rangers In Space, which was a space-based series despite the fact that the original Sentai it's based on was a video game concept. Looking back on those days, it's truly sad that watching these old episodes with the limited budgets and cheap production values have manage to hold up fairly well and entertain me more than the current crop of Ranger shows - which are essentially effortless cut-and-paste jobs intending more on selling toys than presenting anything resembling a good show.

Blue Ranger Gone Bad is a solid episode; not one of the best, but still a great show.



Posted by dtm666 at 10:56 PM EDT
593 - Special PROO Review - Once A Ranger
Topic: Ranger Restroom

Warning: I swear a lot here. I could probably say a lot more about this episode, but decided to keep it simple. I might miss a couple points here and there, but one viewing of that turd is more than enough.

Once A Ranger - it was probably the second episode I've seen for Operation Overdrive, which hasn't really done much for me to stick around. Still, I had to see this one for research purposes - it basically serves to see how much of the Ascension fanfic I have to change around because of this team-up episode. But after watching this clusterfuck of a team-up and a television show in general, I've decided that I'm better off not changing a damn thing and just pretend the stupid show never exists. And since I don't watch Overdrive nor have any inclination to follow it, that's not going to be hard to do.

Let's jump back five years to when Power Rangers Wild Force was the series in progress and one of the episodes was a celebration of the franchise's tenth anniversary. The episode in question, Forever Red, brought back all the Red Rangers (minus Rocky) to face off against members of the Machine Empire and prevent them from reviving Serpenterra, Lord Zedd's ancient War Zord. Though it wasn't as detailed as it could have been and though it didn't enough backstory (certain powers restored being the main culprit), at least there is backstory and a sufficient link to the past that causes enough concern that all the Red Rangers up to that point would unite and face the threat together. Even for one episode, it was a great tribute to a long-enduring franchise.

Five years later, we get a similar concept that has five past Rangers return to face off against Thrax, who is supposedly the son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd that we never knew existed. We don't know how he was conceived or how he could possibly be related to said villains since they never gave any indication of getting it on... in bed. He's just there and declares he's the offspring - sticking out like a fucking tumor. And speaking of which, man does he look like shit. He even sounds like a generic monster of the day too. I'd like to know how a cheap old bastard like Saban was able to conjure up a menacing costume for Lord Zedd and concocted a character so menacing and disturbing that the character was toned down because parents complained he was too scary... and yet Disney couldn't even be bothered to make an equally menacing offspring.

So how the fuck did they explain his conception? He was imprisoned by the Sentinel Knight in a dumpster... REALLY? Shit, didn't see that one coming *sarcasm* and I don't even follow the fucking show. Just because it's a kids show doesn't mean there shouldn't be any CONSISTENCY. Doug Sloan knew.

So Thrax and his band of goons (specifically the regular villains of Overdrive who are usually feuding with each other as much as the Overdrive Rangers) fight the Rangers. They then perform this really awesome attack *sarcasm* that basically disrupts the morphing grid and breaks the Rangers' morphers. I'll tell you what; that Thrax may look like shit, but he's got some brains. It's too bad he couldn't put them to better use... like figuring out how he's the offspring of Rita and Zedd. But I digress.

So later on, the depowered Rangers fight the monsters again and they get their asses kicked. Fortunately before they are killed off and the show comes to an early end, old friends appear and save your hapless heroes' butts. For those wondering, the retro Ranger team consists of (in no order):

Adam - the second Black Ranger ever and possibly the only one of the old guys willing to come back. I'm sort of pissed that Doug Sloan was able to pull out the Dragon Dagger out of mothballs for a five-minute dream sequence in Dino Thunder and yet Bruce Kalish can't be bothered to give our returning veteran his old Blade Blaster considering he's going to appear for two episodes. Poor Adam's always getting the shaft here: first he's a frog, then he's stuck with a minivan, and now this. At least he remembered to pack his axe and even upgraded it to open up the earth when it hits the ground.

Kira - the Yellow chick from Dino Thunder. Not much to say about her, but she still looks perty.

Bridge - originally the Green Ranger of SPD, he was last seen "promoted" to Blue Ranger... so I guess if he were to get demoted, he'd be the Pink Ranger. At least they tried to explain the reason why he's now the Red Ranger (which leaves fanfic authors to guess who fills the other two suits) which involves the other guys being promoted themselves. This is the only Buttery thing about this whole damn fuckwad of an episode.

Tori - the Blue Wind Ranger from Ninja Storm. Again, not much to say except she looks perty. She seems somewhat more mature than she did in Ninja Storm, but then again, the same can be said for her appearance in Dino Thunder. So whatever.

Xander - the Green Mystic Force Ranger. Since I didn't watch Mystic Force, I can't really comment on the character. All I know is that the guy's apparently Australian and funny as hell... shit, if it wasn't for my disdain for Kalish and my lack of faith in his ability to produce a worthwhile PR show, I'd actually watch Mystic Force just for this guy.

So now the deal with the old guys is Sentinel Knight has given these guys back their powers (say WHAT?) so they can replace the Overdrive team. Power issues aside, if this were to be on a permanent basis, it would marginally increase the quality of the Ranger team because your Overdriven heroes are now sulking over the fact that they don't have Ranger powers and that they no longer have the responsibility of saving the world. So as a result, they want to quit.

Look, this is a generic plotline in the most basic terms, only way more fucked up. For a good example of this kind of plot, check out the episode of Lightspeed Rescue where the Lightspeed Rangers are replaced by Robot Rangers. Sure, they're forcibly kicked out by the Powers That Be ut they still have the drive to do their duty despite being fired and not having fancy special powers like super speed or super jumps. For these Overdrive Rangers, they lose their powers, get replaced, and suddenly the drive is gone. I mean what the fuck is that shit? They still have their genetic mutant powers, which could be of some use despite getting their asses kicked the first time.

So now we see our heroes return to their "normal" lives and of course, they hate it. It's only recently that the Sentinel Knight reveals to Mack (the Red Ranger) that he can get back their powers with a sword called Excelsior - apparently having nothing to do with Mr. Sulu's starship of the same name. Obviously, Thrax will want the sword too because it's the only thing that can kill Sentinel Knight. What? Disrupting the grid isn't enough?

So Mack goes to the stock New Zealand forest to get the sword and is eventually joined by the other Overdrive idiots. Meanwhile, our Retro Rangers return to Angel Grove (presumably one of the many abandoned warehouses in the world-famous Angel Grove Abandoned Warehouse District) and reclaim Alpha 6, who is packed away in a box. Alpha is eventually reactivated to fix the grid... WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO HIS VOICE? I mean, seriously. What the hell? I know it's not possible to track down the original voice actor to do the three lines of dialogue that Alpha has in the episode, but would it have been too much fucking trouble to have the voice match somewhat? This is the same bullshit they pulled with the whole Rita as Mystic Mother mess in Mystic Force.

So the Overdrive Rangers get the sword despite Thrax's attempts to do so (and during that time, he mentions the purification of his parents - citing a slither of consistency even if it was just a throwaway line) and Mack's first action with the sword is to take down a giant monster fighting the Retro Rangers. Man, who needs Zords when you can take out giants with Stan Lee's catchphrase? So fucking stupid.

When all the Rangers return to Ranger Command or whatever their headquarters is called, Alpha returns and reveals he fixed the morphing grid and that the Overdrive crew has their powers back. Cue the requiste big fight at the end where the combined forces of the Overdrive and Retro Rangers beat the living shit out of the Overdrive villains (with explosions galore) while Thrax is killed off by a now-physical Sentinel Knight and his brand new Excelsior. And that's it. The Rangers say their goodbyes and that's the end of the show.

At this point, there's no reason for me to continue watching Overdrive... not that I was watching to begin, but I just witnessed the main villains of the show combine their forces and get their asses handed to them by the Overdrive Rangers. What's the point of it all because now you know the Rangers will beat them one by one since they had done so collectively?

FINAL ANALYSIS: For the fifth anniversary of Power Rangers, we got Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie - basically a theatrical release of a ninety-minute TV episode, but still something special in spite of its poor quality. For the tenth anniversary, we got Forever Red - a thirty-minute episode which did nothing to contribute to the Power Rangers universe, but served more as a celebration of the franchise than a major plotpoint in the series. For the fifteenth anniversary, we get Once A Ranger - an insult to the Power Rangers legacy. This wasn't a team-up episode. This was a throwaway Overdrive episode that just happened to feature old Rangers... specifically one classic Ranger and four from the previous Disney-era series of Rangers. Take these guys away and replace them with generic characters and you did get the same thing. There's no point to the episode, there're no real links to the past (Thrax is NOT a link to the past - a shitty-sounding Alpha is NOT a link to the past), and there's overall no real effort made in making this a celebratory or even fulfilling episode. If you didn't see this episode, you didn't miss a damn thing and you should not make any effort to watch this piece of shit.

On the bright side, Adam's new morph is pretty cool. But that doesn't save this episode. AVOID LIKE THE BLACK PLAGUE, THE SPANISH INQUISITION, AND THE BRADY BUNCH REUNION! You'll thank me later.

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Monday, 30 July 2007
589 - Super Legends? Que?
Topic: Ranger Restroom
Apparently, there's word of a new Rangers game for the DS and PS2 systems that spans the entire franchise. I guess you can look it up on the web for more details, but I'm not getting my hopes up. While it sounds like it could be a good game, the last few Ranger games put out by THQ weren't exactly great. Outside of Wild Force, none of them were particularly marginally good.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2007
Topic: Ranger Restroom
I'll be jumping back on the Retrospects feature so that it doesn't die prematurely (some would say it already has). I have a couple of summaries almost ready to go. Hopefully, there'll be one for tonight.

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Monday, 2 July 2007
556 - 2008 Power Rangers series to be called... Jungle Fury?
Topic: Ranger Restroom

For those wondering, a recent toyshow revealed the name of the next Power Rangers incarnation for 2008. The show is to be called Power Rangers: Jungle Fury. Seriously? Are you kidding me? Power Rangers: Jungle Fury? What a shitload of fuck! What kind of stupid excuse for a title is that?


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Thursday, 28 June 2007
551 - Something to cheer us all up
Topic: Ranger Restroom

For those of us who follow the wrestling or media and need a little cheering up, look no further than this. It's not wrestling, but isn't she adorable?

Funny. That makes me feel better.

Let's move on, shall we? 

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